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A questo punto e piu facile comprendere la parole colle quali De Sica presento e giustifico la propria operazione cinematografica; si capisce per quale ragione al regista riusci naturale fare di un uomo e di una donna come quelli della novella prima di tutto "amore e dolore", "tenerezza e gioia", le "eterne corde del cuore umano".
It unravels a Dionysian land where "tutto era oblio", where the Khamsin, the dazzling aridness, and the whiteness of stony cemeteries meet the marble blocks of Carrara, which "risplendevano al sole come le nevi eterne"; a land where the dissolution of boundaries finds its match, if irreverently, in a Dantean paradisiacal deluge.
The company's future plans are nothing if not ambitious, with no less than five distinct new models planned for the coming decade, including a new-generation Elise for 2012, the four-door Eterne and a 21st century interpretation of the famed Esprit.
After making the Hong Kong blockbuster The Love Eterne (1963), director Li Han Hsiang broke his contract with Shaw Brothers due to a money dispute.
Nothing ere I was made was made to be Save things Eterne, and I eterne abide; Lay down all hope, you that go in by me.
Open thine eyes eterne, and sphere them round Upon all space: space starr'd, and lorn of light; Space region'd with life-air; and barren void; Spaces of fire, and all the yawn of hell.Search, Thea, search!
The company, which currently only manufactures two models, announced a replacement for the Elise, a new Elite, a Porsche 911 rivalling Elan, a long awaited replacement for the Esprit and a new saloon called Eterne.
THE Eterne will be Lotus's first-ever four-door car and will be aimed at Aston Martin's new Rapide model.
Other contenders of the award included the Audi quattro concept and the five Lotus concepts: the Esprit, the Elan, the Elite, the Eterne and the Elise.
Current scholars see the thematic links between the sufferings in the Boece and those of "The Franklin's Tale." "This passage echoes Boethius, Bk4, Cons.," comments Joanna Rice on Dorigen's lament that begins with the line "Eterne God, that thurgh thy purveiaunce" (FranT 965).
Razboaiele eterne, razboaiele religioase, razboaiele de cotropire incercau un sen- timent de tristete, de dezgust, de disperare.
The queen of diamonds was especially associated with radiant, unapproachable beauty, and in some packs she was labeled la belle eterne. (18) Accounting for his passion for the beautiful Olivia in Twelfth Night, Orsino avows that it is not her lands and money that interest him, "But 'tis that miracle and queen of gems / That nature pranks her in attracts my soul" (2.4.85-86).