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Synonyms for eternalness

the totality of time without beginning or end

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Also, if we follow Spinoza's lead that experience provides us with knowledge of our eternalness, then how can the immediate intuition of our bodies, as possessing the power to move, bear any reality, if, at the same time, our inner essence is forever, and thus, stationary.
Although their faith upheld certain questionable theological ideas, such as the eternalness of the world and its creation from preexistent eternal matter, the Tower people nonetheless lived in peace and harmony.
Peter Pan attests to the continuation of life, the eternalness of childhood, and stability.
As death means the human turning to his/her or as death comes from a spiritual source, Rumi, who defined death as turning back to Allah, the quintessence of existence, pointed out in Masnavi that "Death of body with asceticism is liveliness; discomforting this body is reaching to eternalness".
For all its political and cultural contradictions, Italian Futurism called into question all aspects of literary and artistic production, from the sacrality and eternalness of the work of art to the privileged role of the artist and the passivity of the reader and the spectator.