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Synonyms for eternality

the totality of time without beginning or end

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Plato's arguments in these conversations are around several axes: birth of anti anything from itself, soul cannot be transformable, Divinity of self, tendency of soul to sensible or reasonable things, rejecting opposite, soul is indestructible with its evil, source movement of the soul, eternality of soul, seeking permanent happiness (Refer to Hossein Zadeh and Mesbah, 113 and 117).
29 This theme of eternality recurs throughout his statement (e.
Here, Agamben considers the urgent temporality that Paul sees as characterizing his own moment, a moment after the end of chronological time, an end marked by Christ's Resurrection, and before the institution of the world to come, the eternality to follow on the Second Coming:
We are left with at least two ways of viewing nature in the poem: the first nature as destroyer, continuously undermining any ideals of stability, solidity, or fixture; and the second, as a form of permanence and eternality (the ideological)--as monument, in the same way Wordsworths' poem "Yew Trees," speaks of a "living thing/Produced too slowly ever to decay" (10-11).
I take it that Anselm's commitment to God's timeless eternality precludes any kind of becoming from belonging to God.
Tanavoli aims to invoke the eternality of God, next to which everything else lacks permanence, but was also drawn to the word due to the resemblance between its written shape and the human body.
The same God of Israel, affirmed by both Jews and Christians and who certainly was affirmed by the original Jewish followers of Jesus and later his gentile followers as well, who lovingly entered into B'rith with Am Yisrael at Har Sinai and symbolized by the gracious and unmerited gift of the Holy Torah itself to a seemingly unworthy people again lovingly offered a second unmerited gift, but this time to all humanity (and one would therefore assume Jews included), namely, God's only begotten son translated into human form, whose human death and return to full divinity opened the door to an eternality freed from sin for all humanity upon its acceptance of him.
Loving bonds between family members serve an evolutionary purpose, but they are not in any way evidence for the eternality of our individual minds, as painful as this realization is.
In the presence of Reichel Miller felt "the eternality of things" which, without a doubt, reminded Miller of Ellis's "eternal here and now.
Because of its eternality, imaginary space is not destroyed when occupied by body but coexists with it, whereas vacuum, which is conceived as the negation of body, is destroyed when filled by body (E.
Part 1 has chapters on the Trinity and on (alleged) divine properties like simplicity, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, eternality, and perfect goodness.
Whereas a more vengeful God speaks of how he will punish the wicked in Deuteronomy, a merciful God tells his followers in Romans to forget themselves and their egos because they are fleeting in comparison with the eternality and omniscience of God.
She proves capable of evoking precisely that sentiment of eternality and absolutism that serves the metaphysical bulwark of Guillaume's poetic amorous discourse.
London's eternality ensures that it contains them all simultaneously, making them into a single yet polyphonic voice of the city where "the dead seem to be pursuing at the heels of the living.