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Synonyms for etcetera

articles too small or numerous to be specified

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Synonyms for etcetera

additional unspecified odds and ends

Related Words

continuing in the same way

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In this new song entitled, 'Free Your Mind And Your Feet Will Follow', Etcetera rather than criticising the act is part of a campaign to rid the state of crime and hard drugs.
The terminal building will have all the ultramodern facilities including baggage handling system, central air-conditioning, FIDS, CCTV, etcetera. The apron will have capacity to park two Airbus 320 type of Aircraft at a time.
RBR-TVBR observation : Usually, when the FCC addresses an extension request, even if it's granted, the petitioner gets a little lecture on how the FCC doesn't like to grant extensions and there are high hurdles, etcetera, etcetera and etcetera.
"I've been out and about, I've had a few fans telling me their opinions, quite strongly, a few cars diving a bit too close to me etcetera, etcetera.
Entry PS1, cakes, preserves, books, raffles, tombola and the etcetera stall!
Not just, 'That's the Asian one, that's the lesbian one' etcetera. There has to be a story."
A couple of hours later they left the field unusable by anyone, with bottles, plastic bags etcetera scattered all over the place.
Fashion company Carlisle Etcetera has renewed the lease for its headquarters in the Winter Organization's 423 West 55th Street.
"We'll be having fundraising events and raffles etcetera to help buy equipment, but we also need a manager for next season."
Amy Aguigui opened the doors of Etcetera in late 2009 at 28 N.