electrostatic unit

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any of various units of electricity based on forces of interaction between electric charges

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The agreement between the school and the tribe provides an opportunity for the inclusion of students with Native American ancestry to contribute to the enrichment of ESU's curriculum, school administrators say.
Users who don't want to pay for ESU can, of course, continue using Windows 7 but won't receive updates that protect the operating system against security vulnerabilities and other issues.
the scheduled programmes for next few months especially the reception in London for the members of ESU from various countries, which would be hosted by Queen Elizabeth from 14 to 18 May 2018.
Several ESU volunteers selected their favorite banned book in a range of genres.
Articles were selected based on the fulfilment of four inclusion criteria: (a) that they were empirical; (b) that they were written in English or Spanish; (c) that they included at least one measure and/or indicator of MD and another of ESU, and (d) that some of the data analyses performed involved an intersection between MD and ESU.
Until then, we will continue to uphold the proud tradition of the Navy Supply Corps at EOD ESU TWO and throughout all of Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.
Mohamed Hassan, head of Benha University's student union, said the signing students distance themselves from the meeting that took place between the Minister of Interior and other members of the student unions, adding that ESU president Mohamed Badran has been acting independently, without consulting the majority of ESU members.
In particular, ESU took issues with a statement by Bulgarian PM Plamen Oresharski, who had suggested that students should be making demands related to education, and not overtly political demands.
Esu; Yoruba god, power, and the imaginative frontiers.
* ESU Medical oncology course on Genitourinary Cancer (MOGUC)
Under the deal, which hinges on anti-trust green light, SCM Group will buy 100% of the shares in Cyprus' UA Telecominvest Ltd.A UA Telecominvest owns 100% of Ukraine's ESU LLC, which, in turn,A holds a 92.79% interest in Ukrtelecom.
The beloved WESIB/ESIB/ESU (from here on labelled mostly as ESU) is turning 30 this October.
The EU's leaders must put their money where their mouths are when it comes to investing in education, according to the European Students' Union (ESU).
Summary: BEIRUT: Students from across Lebanon gathered Saturday for the 10th annual English-Speaking Union (ESU) public speaking competition, held at the Lebanese American University.
This attitude led him to join the Emergency Services Unit (ESU) an elite corps of highly trained police officers that preceded SWAT teams in the 1970s.