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(of lower mammals) showing or in a state of estrus

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A total of 182 adult female Wistar rats were employed; female rats performed behavioral tests in diverse phases of the estrous cycle.
Little information is available regarding changes in progesterone and estradiol levels during estrous cycle in agouti, compared to that in other hystricomorphs rodents (Adjanohoun 1992, Barta & Jakubicka 1991, Croix & Franchimont 1975, Faulkes et al.
Systemic and intraovarian effects of corpus luteum on follicular dynamics during estrous cycle in hair breed sheep.
If your cat finds a mate or is bread, her estrous period won't last more than four days.
This difference in pregnancy rates may be explained by a change in the progesterone-to-estrogen ratio between the first and third estrous cycles, resolving the early unfavorable uterine environment caused by higher progesterone and lower estrogen concentrations in the pubertal estrus (Byerley, Berardinelli, et al.
Infusion of estradiol during the luteal phase of the estrous cycle in the ewe completely eliminates LH pulses.
Most of the reasons for change are related to the economic values of pregnancy and of when the cow becomes pregnant, the need to manage large groups of cows without creating systems that might not be implemented due to difficulty or lack of compliance, and the need to address deficiencies in cow fertility such as poor estrous expression and detection.
Following determination of estrous cycle, mice were sacrificed and their uterine horns were excised.
Because the behaviors associated with estrus are readily observable, and occur at regular intervals corresponding to the follicular phase of the ovarian cycle, species that express this pattern of sexual behavior are said to express estrous cycles.
Describe reproductive hormones during the estrous cycle
told me that nine out of 10 yearling female deer come into their first estrous in late December and early January.