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a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled

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being sufficient for the operation of promissory estoppel.
Thus, the sole issue on appeal was whether collateral estoppel applied to an issue in a civil case previously decided in a statutory summary suspension hearing.
While on previous occasions the Tax Court has said that it would apply collateral estoppel to small tax case decisions, the fact that it heard and decided the second Mitchell case seems to contradict that stance.
The court concluded by stating that even if UES successfully demonstrated that the hospital was liable on an agency by estoppel claim for Dr.
170) The following Sections discuss two of those doctrines: agency and equitable estoppel.
These observations lead to the conclusion that under broad-scope cause of action estoppel, fewer claims are submitted to the court, but the cost of every claim is much higher than that of an average claim under a narrow cause of action estoppel policy.
This unanimous ruling arguably rewrote New York law and placed New York in the small minority of states that recognize the doctrine of coverage by estoppel.
A jury found the agent liable under negligence and promissory estoppel theories, holding the agent responsible for $1,095.
Under the "separate-accrual," as applied to RICO, if a defendant injures a plaintiff multiple times by the same pattern of racketeering, he may only be able to recover for part of those injuries, depending on when he files his claim and various estoppel or tolling rules.
While he left the House of Commons under a cloud, he refused all requests to repay the money, reportedly using the legal device of estoppel, a law introduced by William of Normandy after the Conquest in 1066.
And there's no estoppel, so if the re-examination upholds the patent, a challenger can still present the same validity attack in another proceeding.
52) As the Florida Supreme Court has recognized, "[t]he doctrine of collateral estoppel (or issue preclusion), also referred to as estoppel by judgment, is a related but different concept.
He also cited res judicata and collateral estoppel, both of which bar relitigation of suits under certain circumstances.
The Court found that this delay, along with other factors, also combined to bar Ultimax from asserting infringement claims against CTS pursuant to the "doctrines of laches and equitable estoppel.