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a rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the truth of a fact that has already been settled

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It is well settled that contractual provisions of an insurance policy may be waived or that the insurer may be estopped from asserting such provisions.
Circuit applies issue preclusion under the same circumstances, but also considers whether applying preclusion would work a basic unfairness on the party being estopped.
Likewise, the IPR petitioner is not estopped in district court from relying on prior art that is not a patent or printed publication.
Cadillac's case, waiving contractual or legal rights and being estopped from what we need to do.
It further found that the IRS was not estopped from arguing that other transfers to the taxpayer were includible in income by a state court's ruling that the transfers were gifts.
A petition for post-grant review may be filed by anyone who is not the owner of the patent, has not (or whose real party in interest has not) already filed a civil action challenging a claim in the patent, and is not estopped by a prior action.
202262) enunciated that the petitioners are estopped by deed by virtue of the execution of the compromise agreement," explained the BSP.
e; that where a person acts to his or her detriment in reliance upon another's statement or representation then that other is estopped from denying the truth of that statement or representation.
saying the board should be estopped from denying him the additional money-and requested a copy of his file and the plan documents.
Thus, the shipowner is estopped as against the assignee of a bill of lading by an erroneous statement in it that freight has been paid in advance or that goods have been shipped in apparent good order and condition.
In conclusion, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia held if the county assessor accepts the Commissioner's appraisal of natural resource property the assessor is estopped from later challenging the valuation.
Relying instead on several factors that often indicate the propriety of the sanction, the Court held that a party may be estopped from asserting a position in a judicial proceeding where it has previously persuaded a court to adopt a clearly contrary position to the disadvantage of an opponent.
On the heels of a December 2012 jury decision that LG mobile phones do not infringe MPT s patents, the district court granted LG s motion for summary judgment in a second case in August 2013, holding that MPT was estopped from pursuing its claims further against LG based on its actions in the first case.
Wactor's contention that Jackson National should be estopped from canceling the Decedent's life insurance policy because Jackson National had refused to provide her with "all the meaningful information regarding the status of the [policy] other than their position that the [policy] had lapsed due to non-payment.
Additionally, the Court of Appeal found, rather succinctly, that the factual basis for Mr Day's argument that Katherine was estopped from claiming ownership had not been made out.