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sleep during summer

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Further, it is shown that for the estivating lungfish, AVT mRNA expression is dramatically elevated in the hypothalamus, and type 2-like AQP appears along the apical side of the renal late distal tubules, where V2-type AVT receptors are located along the basolateral side (Konno et al.
The primary goals of estivating animals are to reduce water loss and to decrease metabolic rate by judiciously rationing and conserving energy.
STEVENSON RANCH - George Esses thought his female tortoise was just napping - estivating, like she's done in summer since he got her 25 years ago.
Many large desert animals also avoid the heat and drought by estivating in a quiescent state.
Frequency of banding did not differ between estivating snails collected during dry conditions and active snails collected during wet conditions.
The bank also protects breeding and estivating habitat of the California Tiger Salamander in addition to habitat for the San Joaquin Kit Fox.