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sleep during summer

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guttata has evolved flexible behavioral and physiological repertoires that allow them to estivate within, or disperse among, different habitats.
When low mid-summer water levels or complete drying occurred, we expected that turtles would either estivate or move to nearby permanent aquatic habitats where they could remain active.
restuans during periods of unseasonably cold weather in the summer, when it normally estivates, could cause a sudden, synchronous release of virus at a time when it could then be amplified by an increasing Cx.
Among these odd species are the welwitschia (Welwitschia mirabilis, see box), a strange gymnosperm with indefinitely growing leaves that is a genuine living fossil, and the shrub Myrothamnus flabellifolius, the only mainland African species of its genus and of he family Myrothamnaceae--it contains only one other species, from the arid regions of Madagascar--which estivates (becomes dormant in the summer) by drying its leaves out, folding them like a fan, and turning black and brittle.
During dry months (typically June through mid-October in central Texas), Otala lactea frequently estivates above ground on exposed surfaces, such as tree trunks, fenceposts, and weeds.