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sleep during summer

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Movement studies have revealed that western pond turtles in intermittent streams will move into remnant pools as the stream contracts and fragments, and many will later move to the upland terrestrial environment to estivate (Bondi and Marks, 2013).
In more extreme examples, wetland drying prompts freshwater turtles to relocate or estivate (Cagle, 1944; Gibbons et al.
When temperatures exceed tolerance level, they will estivate, and enter a state of inactivity.
aeiou words: armigerous, epuration, inquorate, ossuaries, uvarovite lesser-known counterparts: epizootic, anile, estivate, thegosis, trilemma reversible words (semordnilaps): avid, ogre, debut, nonet, rebus words for odds & ends: aglet, chad, tittle, grommet, pintle spell-checker demons: impassible, wether, specie, angary, demur words from placenames: Ultima Thule, El Dorado, Timbuktu, Brigadoon, stoic
Many crayfish flee the sun downward, tunneling after the subsiding water table until they reach moist mud in which to estivate.
Other animals such as amphibians estivate in deeply buried, relatively waterproof cocoons of dried mud or dead skin.
For example, microorganisms may transform into or produce spores or cysts (Henis 1987), annual and perennial plants produce seeds with varying periods of dormancy (Meyer and Kitchen 1992), and metazoans may hibernate, estivate, cease development or reproduction, or produce a variety of dormant stages.