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(rare) of or occurring in summer


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North Tyneside ele T cted mayor Norma Redfearn said: "We are thrilled to welcome the breakthrough artist of 2015, James Bay, to North Tyneside and the T Mouth of the Tyne FT estival.
Para avaliacao fez-se a divisao em dois periodos: hibernal, de 27/05 a 02/10/10 (162 dias), envolvendo o estabelecimento e a utilizacao do azevem e o estival, de 10/12/2010 a 11/04/2011 (195 dias).
Debuting at the Download estival later this summer, Campbell and co are the very pitome of upward mobility in music business apparently on s knees.
You'll stay at Hotel Estival Park, which is in a quiet area of La Pineda but close to the resort's beach, promenade and bars.
The V s estival is held over the weekend of August 17 and 18 in Weston Park in Staffordshire, as well as Hylands Park in Essex.
Pas de deuxieme sacre estival pour le foot francais.
He added: "The fs estival is open to all whether they are regular riders, occasional pleasure cyclists or people who haven't been on a bike for years.
En cambio, la estacion estival, abarca desde principios de septiembre a finales de abril, se caracteriza por una temperatura promedio de 26,5[grados]C, y precipitaciones promedio de 700 mm (Bruniard 1981).
Debido a esta actividad varias personas quedaron con la piel quemada como si fuera en la epoca estival cuando la gente descuidada pasa sus vacaciones en la playa.
Allan John Estival, an electrician and a resident of Block 2 Lot 3 Pilot Area in Barangay Commonwealth, was not even able to defend himself although he was armed with a .
The Kingdom is one of the world's most productive solar regions with some of the highest summer temperatures ever recorded on earth, said Jean-Claude Estival, renewable energy business manager of Schneider Electrical projects in France during his visit to Riyadh last week.
Last month, cable network HBO held its New York International Latino Film estival.
In a formal ceremony outside the Parc town hall, Jacques Estival, the mayor, and Richard Moorby, from Raglan community council, exchanged charters and unveiled new village signs.
Para intentar estudiar la influencia del clima sobre las comunidades de Cactaceas, hemos utilizado parametros e indices climaticos con valores de temperatura, precipitacion y humedad: Precipitacion anual en mm (P), precipitacion estival (PE), precipitacion invernal (PI), evapotranspiracion potencial anual (ETP), evapotranspiracion potencial estival ([ETP.
Hewonitagain t hefollowing year and completed a unique treblei n1981attheageof13and returnedtoatremendous reception from the f estival faithful who hadlongsincetakenhimtotheir hearts.