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an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)

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Their Owner Management services will be greatly enhanced with the use of DESTINI Estimator as BRPH will be able to share project costs throughout the life of their project.
DESTINI Estimator shares its cost database software, Data Manager, with our current Macro BIM solution, DESTINI Profiler, notes Jeff Ratcliff, director of preconstruction for The Beck Group.
Since maximum likelihood estimation results in an efficient estimator for most practical cases [22], we have applied this estimation technique in this research.
Keywords: Exponential Ratio Estimator, Transformed Population,Mean Squared Error,Bias,Auxiliary Variable.
The owner's estimator is responsible to calculate the right cost that will take a project from the feasibility stage to the bid stage, and later to the construction stage.
Quantify IP's experienced team will be represented by Sujit Kumar, Business Development Manager, Marie Vondersonne, Product Specialist Global IP Estimator, Jacqueline Simon, Product Specialist Portfolio Estimator, and Rebekah Merrifield, Product Specialist Global IP Directory.
The usual unbiased estimator for population mean Y of the study variable is, given by
The power system state estimator has been segmented by software as Utility and Power control center software; and by application as Transmission and Distribution segments.
The study, A comparison of myHealthcare Cost Estimator users and nonusers: Effect on provider choices, and associated research also found that when myHealthcare Cost Estimator users visited physicians identified for delivering quality and cost-efficient care, employers were able to reduce their total health benefit cost.
As a cost estimator, you can assist the decision making process by helping team members effectively communicate issues and ideas.
In this paper, based on the phase pdf of the electromagnetic field, a K estimator is proposed.
In this study, we performed a simulation experiment, which eliminates potential risk confounding, that tests the accuracy of five alternative outcome estimators: Observed-over-Expected, the Dimick-Staiger estimator, the Hierarchical Poisson (HP) estimator, the Risk-Standardized Mortality Rate (RSMR), and the Moving Average (MA) estimator.
The well-known Ephraim-Malah algorithm which base on statistical model is an MMSE [3] estimator for the speech DFT amplitude.
Comprehensive, informed and informative, "Standard Estimating Practice" is effectively organized into four major sections: Practice Common to All Disciplines; Practice Common to Specific Disciplines, Professional Estimating Service Samples; Ethics; Reference Sources; and ASPE Professional Estimator Certification.
The Adherence Estimator, a patient segmentation tool developed by researchers at Merck & Co.