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Synonyms for estimate

calculate roughly

approximate calculation


Synonyms for estimate

to calculate approximately

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a rough or tentative calculation

Synonyms for estimate

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His unrealistically low estimate is not given in his referenced citation.
Issues relating to estimates and judgments in the financial reporting process should be discussed.
It is critical that each demolition estimate must be treated with respect, whether it is in the $500 or $5 million range.
If we are interested in ensuring that we do not overestimate the deductible amount and we do not care about underestimation, we can construct a one-sided confidence interval where we put all of the margin-of-error on one side of the estimate.
S-Plus provides a variance estimate for [beta], thus allowing the use of a standard t-test for the significance of the effect of [x.
The significant assumptions and data management used to develop the estimate.
The revised emission factor and resultant emissions estimate of 24 tons/year represented a decrease in estimated VOC emissions of 67%, and savings of approximately $1525 per year in permitting fees.
Despite the controversy over the Brazilian estimate, WRI's global total seemed to agree with a provisional number issued by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which put tropical deforestation at 17 million hectares per year for the period 1981 to 1990 (SN: 7/21/90, p.
The difference between the Forest Service estimate of 68 percent protected and the Wilderness Society estimate of 54 percent is accounted for by the fact that the Wilderness Society does not consider lands classified as unavailable for timber harvesting under current national forest plans to be protected.
The result of these calculations, referred to as the "expected benefit obligation," involves using the best estimate of the underlying assumptions, such as retirement age, employee turnover, mortality, the frequency and cost of future medical services, and an appropriate discount rate.
This method allows for the yet-unrecorded secondary cases if the estimate is obtained before the epidemic has ended.
By making an AIRC election, a taxpayer does not need to estimate activities that transpired 20 years ago; instead, it uses expenses above certain averages.
Successful demolition estimating is a process of using the organization's past project performance data along with checking and re-checking all items that will affect the final price of the estimate.
This finding is based largely on time-series studies that estimate associations between daily variations in ambient air pollution concentrations and in the number of nonaccidental deaths within a community.