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Synonyms for estimate

calculate roughly

approximate calculation


Synonyms for estimate

to calculate approximately

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a rough or tentative calculation

Synonyms for estimate

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ESCO then used a conservative annual hours of operation estimate to derive the total tons of PM per year from pouring and cooling.
Choice of Accounting Policies -- Accounting policies chosen and accounting estimates made can have a significant effect on a company's reported financial statements.
Include all the information necessary to prepare your organization's estimate and ensure that "all bases are covered.
Consistent with other IRS guidance and practice, the M&E revenue procedure requires the taxpayer to use the lower limit of the confidence interval rather than the statistically best single estimate.
2003) have shown that the S-Plus estimate of standard error for the linear parameter of a semiparametric model cant be biased, thus invalidating the results of the corresponding significance test.
The extent to which management used a specialist to develop the fair value estimate.
Since the estimate last year, the firm discovered the school's gas pipes need to replaced.
Since 1989, FAO has been working to update that global estimate.
Although the Forest Service and Wilderness Society based their inventories on the same definition of ecological old-growth and used similar high-tech geographic information systems for analysis and mapping, their estimates of old-growth differed significantly.
While the requirement to use the best estimate of each of the underlying assumptions is consistent with the approach taken by Statement 87 for pension plans, it will prove to be more difficult to implement because of the variables unique to other postemployment plans, namely the expectations about the future use and costs of health care.
For an ongoing epidemic, this method could be used to estimate the number of secondary cases infected by a primary case-patient, but only for periods from which all secondary cases would have been detected.
By making an AIRC election, a taxpayer does not need to estimate activities that transpired 20 years ago; instead, it uses expenses above certain averages.
Successful demolition estimating is a process of using the organization's past project performance data along with checking and re-checking all items that will affect the final price of the estimate.
This finding is based largely on time-series studies that estimate associations between daily variations in ambient air pollution concentrations and in the number of nonaccidental deaths within a community.
Trying to estimate how many calories you eat in a day is risky business.