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Synonyms for esthetic

(philosophy) a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful

concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics


aesthetically pleasing

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The knowledge about gingival esthetics was assessed through questions about gingival esthetic line, periodontal biotype, biological width, effect of subgingival crown margins and distance of osseous crest with contact points of teeth 4.
This can be compared to a Spanish study in which the difference in esthetic perception amongst dental students of different years, did not improve significantly throughout their degree years.
The esthetic component emerges from the importance Wiseman places on a theory of the creative act at the centre of pensee sauvage.
Levi-Strauss, however, focuses on questions of individual creation, esthetic emotion, theories of signification in Western and indigenous art forms as well as art's ontology.
The "Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry" is published six times a year to provide information on contemporary interdisciplinary esthetic dentistry.
Lingual appliances may be used for the esthetically conscientious patient, however Invisalign is equally esthetic with the added benefit of being removable and comfortable.
Extrusion of her maxillary laterals and canines was attempted to achieve the esthetic alignment of the maxillary anteriors.
Expert oncology esthetician, author, and founder of Health Challenged Esthetics (HCE) Morag Currin has developed the Morag Currin Method of Oncology Esthetics, which enables licensed skin care professionals, through training and certification, to deliver effective treatments to clients with health-challenged skin.
Certification in oncology esthetics was originally introduced by Currin several years ago after spas, wellness and medical centers began to integrate their services.
through the application of the notion of exchange value), but rather to trace the actually existing esthetic and ideological contradictions operative in Klein's insufferable authenticity.
For her, Jones' piece is the culminating achievement of the "ideological boosters of utilitarian art [who] hark back to the political crusades of the sixties"; it is the icon of the undiscussable, "dissed blacks, abused women, or disfranchised homosexuals"; it is a symptom of the death of the kind of esthetic "disinterestedness" in which the "grandeur of the individual spirit" transcends "the political clout of the group.
Just as French reconstruction culture initially held on obstinately to Matisse and Picasso as the ideal prewar or even transhistorical artists, and considered easel painting and bronze sculpture as the optimal objects through which to guarantee the continuity of a national esthetic, so the European, even global success of Marino Marini's sculptures in the early '50s seemed to confirm the viability of an Italian version of that model.
The fusion of the esthetic and the spiritual (that is, the discovery of the spiritual within the esthetic, the evocation of the spiritual through the esthetic) remains an incomplete Modernist project.
Thus, to make an aesthetic judgement or to have an aesthetic experience is not to do a esthetics, notwithstanding George Sturt's comment: `I might look away to Hindhead and rejoice in the sense of vast warm distances; I might admire the landscape, and practise my a esthetics; but he [Bettesworth] was becking in amongst the potatoes, and it is his point of view, not mine, that has survived and given its tinge to these talks'.
But those who are coming of age now are the readers whom Greenberg's long-overdue Homemade Esthetics will, one hopes, reach.