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Synonyms for esteem

Synonyms for esteem

to have a high opinion of

to recognize the worth, quality, importance, or magnitude of

to look upon in a particular way

a feeling of deference, approval, and liking

Synonyms for esteem

the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded)

a feeling of delighted approval and liking

an attitude of admiration or esteem

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The assessment of relation between the dimensions of self esteem, self perception and personality of young adult soldiers.
Table 3 details the results of the analysis made on the basis of the attendees' genders to show their self esteem levels.
Four studies in this regard revealed no significant gender difference on either self- esteem or body image (Hansen, 1994; Kling, Hyde, Showers, and Buswell, 1999; King, Schultz, Steel, Gilpin, and Cathers, 1993; Naderi, Abdullah, Aizan, Sharir, and Kumar, 2009).
The present study aimed that how emotional self regulation predicts self esteem and life satisfaction among university students.
In current research, for determination of validity of self esteem, alpha kronbach and Tansif method were used which was equal to 0/60 and 0/70 for all questionnaires.
There is significant association between procrastination and self- esteem in university students.
Table 1 General Strategy for building healthy self esteem Stages Perceived Outcomes Stage 1: Conversationally in the pre-talk, Expectancy suggest indirectly that self-esteem is flexible, that it changes over time, and depends on the context.
These results exemplify the contextual nature of the way self esteem manifests itself at this age and stage.
The findings are also empirically supported by the study conducted by Anate and Akeredolu (1995) who reported that the inability to conceive is positively correlated with lower level of self esteem, high levels of depression and anxiety, extreme social isolation, and severe sense of guilt.
In some cases, of course, the social estimation of individuals playing certain roles is so high that their occupants are accorded both prestige and moral esteem.
com)-- Esteem Me Montessori & Creative Play, a year-round, full- and part-time quality childcare center, has announced that it is expanding its current facilities in Cary's Waverly Place shopping center.
Another research that can be made could investigate how happy the participants are related to the level of self esteem they have, and in what extent they consider themselves as having success in various plans, having more friends, if they are more optimistic, if they are better paid for doing they jobs than people with a lower level of self esteem and also what makes people feel happy, what influences happiness and we could do something about it.
The present research aimed to investigate parental bonding (father care mother care father control mother control) as a predictor of shyness self- esteem and self-image in teenagers.
This study examined the relationship between self esteem and academic achievement by comparing academically high and low achievers on the various domains and over all self esteem as well.