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station wagon

Synonyms for estate car

a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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Since boot space is the main reason many people buy estate cars, this is a very welcome situation.
It is well balanced and able and is going to be a nice surprise for drivers since most estate cars tend to be bought as business workhorses rather than for sheer pleasure.
For most people, an estate car is all about space and the V60 boasts the largest boot of any mid-sized premium estate, with 529 litres available with the rear seatbacks up and 1,441 litres with them folded down.
The V90 might not be powered by one of the super small but efficient petrol units which have become increasingly popular but a four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine for a big estate car is still pretty small in relative terms.
It's roomy too, which is what estate car owners want and there's now an uprated 9.2-inch sat nav screen as part of the Amundsen infotainment system and overall the ambience of the interior is pleasant and comfortable despite its sporty driving attributes.
With the E-Class already acknowledged as the king of estate cars the so-called All-Terrain model ups the ante in no uncertain fashion.
HEAVY-DUTY estate cars have a point to prove in the current crossover climate and few can be more capable than the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain.
It's also one of the most practical - which is what most estate car buyers want.
They believe the vehicle was a silver Vauxhall Astra estate car.
Standing on a longer wheelbase with a longer rear overhang than its hatch cousin, the i30 is a great example of a good, small estate car, with every exterior panel from the B-pillar backwards being new.
This is probably the world's best-looking estate car. Posh, practical, and fascinatingly fresh, the Concept Fascination is a car Mercedes should build right now.
HYUNDAI is to reveal its concept of a future model that straddles the borders of the coupe and estate car markets next month.
It even will take--I can hear the screams of horror--a mid-size crossover-type vehicle that adds "space" to "pace" and "grace" by melding the Old World charm of an upscale estate car with the sinewy reflexes and sensuous curves of a sports car.
Otherwise, you can't have this much fun in an estate car without folding down the back seats and inviting in Atomic Kitten.
It's obvious that Jaguar has designed the X-type estate to meet the expectations of a new generation of estate car buyers for whom style is a key consideration.