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station wagon

Synonyms for estate car

a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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Vauxhall's latest Vectra is one of the many fine examples of the upper medium estate car sector.
He saw a red estate car parked outside and two other men in suits.
Initially, it will be available as an estate car with a saloon version later in the year.
A dominant force in Britain and Europe for decades, the V70 and its predecessors have been the estate cars of choice for a spectrum of buyers from the green wellie brigade and antique dealers to families needing to shift substantial loads with a degree of refinement.
Overall, while pricing may prove a little on the high side, the stylish Volvo V70 is a practical, comfortable and well thought out estate car which is stacked with safety factors and so enjoyable to drive.
This is where estate cars become invaluable but the choice is bewildering and some families find they have just as much if not more room inside one of the growing number of MPVs.
The V70 D5 SE which is yet another fine example of distinctive, smart and clean-looking Scandinavian design combining agreeably with classic Volvo estate car style.
The reason for this is simple ( a huge estate car for not much cash.
And if any car maker is able to sportify an estate car, Saab is the one.
Police believe the pair had parked opposite the One Stop store in Wiclif Way, lying in wait for the woman as she left the store with the cash, As she was making her way to the post office, a white Volkswagen Golf estate car sped up to her and pulled up.
The V50 is the smallest estate car in the Volvo range but still manages to offer up to 1300 litres of cargo space.
The estate car, registered BL51 HFU, had been reported stolen from Stechford in Birmingham over the weekend.
Since they arrived in the late 80s, MPVs have hunted the humble estate car to the brink of extinction.
Jaguar is hoping that its combination of renowned style and craftsmanship, allied to features such as integral roof rails and a rear screen that opens independently of the tailgate will appeal to potential estate car buyers.