established church

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the church that is recognized as the official church of a nation

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I am not as familiar with the American constitutional history as either Professor Greenawalt or his critics, but I suspect that what people had in mind when they spoke of not wanting an establishment of religion here was the established church in England, with its claim to embody the common religious consensus of their Christian state within a single institutional and liturgical form.
This is a well presented and particularly interesting history of a very early established church in the Hunter Valley.
She cites its use in religious discourse and how the method was employed to shore up the established Church.
It is possible that they have lain there since the 13th and 14th centuries, pushed over and buried by local people who may have seen these pagan symbols as a threat to the established church.
In the 1960s and 1970s the focus was most frequently diocesan, and the favored evidence was drawn from the disciplinary records of the established church or from the treasure-store of wills accumulated by the consistory courts.
The position of Episcopalians in Scotland has always been slightly ambiguous; Episcopalians are used to being the established church wherever they are, but in Scotland they are merely ordinary dissenters, the established church being the Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian.
It also shows that the established church is far more comfortable with the hypocrisy of gay bishops denying in public their sexual orientation when the reality of their lifestyles is well known and tolerated within the church.
Rather, early Christianity challenged and questioned Greco-Roman models of a patriarchal family, and only later did a more established church begin to accept notions of family that reinforced male dominance and the subjugation of women.
She explains in following chapters how the traditional "middle road" of Anglicanism was made impassible by the exigencies of Revolutionary War, concluding the book with a discussion of the challenges of creating an American version of Anglicanism at war's end, which required that old-time clergymen throw off some of their most dearly held assumptions about an established church and embrace a new order of denominational competition.
Robert Bellah's lecture cited Seymour Martin Lipset who has recently pointed out that the United States is the only North Atlantic society whose predominant religious tradition is sectarian or dissenting or even "heretical" rather than established church.
At some point Isaac must have been baptized into the Established Church because on 3 December 1759 he married Mary Bartlett in the Established Church in Erlestoke and he is buried in the churchyard of the Established Church of St Denys, Warminster.
In this context, a new study of the Latitudinarians, a movement of moderate divines within the established Church, is much needed.
McCosh was a minister of the Established Church in Scotland until he left to join in the Free Church movement.