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a writer of literary works


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He is often styled in Italy an essayist and that is an understatement; it might be more accurate to label him a baroque mind filled with flights of fantasy, poetry, humor and the grotesque; an inveterate redactor of strange, vivid and troubling texts; and a writer driven by a veritable lust for the outrageous, evocative, and frequently impenetrable turn of long phrases.
The cover article proclaimed "Andy Comes Home," and the essayist, Harry Schwalb, began with a curious imitation of the broken-English-via-Eastern-Europe that apparently prevailed in Andy's childhood home: "She was against it, was Julia Zavacky Warhola.
When the pair met, in the mid-1920s, Hughes was a 22-year-old budding poet coming to Harlem for the first time; Van Vechten was a white, middle-aged novelist, essayist and flamboyant man about town with a genuine interest in black culture.
Out of these truths and an obligatory need to resist indoctrination and to instigate change, Walker, an internationally recognized (and controversial) novelist, essayist, poet, and short fiction writer, becomes Walker an activist.
"I've known Maya more than 30 years," says poet, scholar and essayist Eugene Redmond.
Variously, she has played the part of novelist, essayist, teacher, and poet.
Though they may appear less naive because they paraphrase, con-textualize and explicate the Essais, they still depend on the essayist himself for their information about his life.
Geoffrey Jacques is a poet and essayist whose work has appeared, most recently, in Cineaste, Radical Teacher and NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art.
Technical Difficulties, June Jordan's latest collection of essays, represents, as the subtitle indicates, "notes on the state of the union." It chronicles, in Jordan's ever-quirky and impassioned way, the last half of the eighties and the first few years of the nineties in the U.S.; it also turns its attention more toward the West Coast, current home of the professor, cultural critic, poet, and essayist. Some of the essays are occasional pieces; some appeared previously in The Progressive, where Jordan has a column, the Village Voice, and the New York Times; others are apparently composed for the occasion, and one was previously published in Moving Towards Home.
Scott Heath is a poet, essayist, and freelance scholar from Kinston, NC.
The Harvard Law School graduate turned journalist, essayist and social commentator for elite journals of news and opinion spent 12 years in the U.
Singled out as "our premiere Black woman essayist" by no less than Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, Jordan has had a rich literary career spanning over three decades.
Today, July 9, is the 78th birth anniversary of poet, fictionist and essayist Cirilo F.
-- Michele Serros, a short story writer, essayist and poet whose wry and witty observations on growing up Mexican-American in Southern California became required reading in many ethnic studies courses, has died at age 48.