esprit de corps

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Synonyms for esprit de corps


Synonyms for esprit de corps

a strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to a common goal that unites a group


Synonyms for esprit de corps

the spirit of a group that makes the members want the group to succeed

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Caption: ABOVE LEFT: The Esprit de Corps crew (L-R: Jason McNaught, Katherine Taylor, Ally Foster, Scott Taylor) were happy to support the MFRC-NRC Victory Ball.
ABOVE RIGHT: The Esprit de Corps Commandos "production line" (L-R): Jason McNaught, Julie Simoneau, Ally Foster, Katherine Taylor, Scott Taylor.
Lawson Software, The Web Enterprise Company(TM), announced today that it has licensed LAWSON INSIGHT(TM) Enterprise Workflow to more than 60 customers, including major healthcare and retail industry "influencers," such as Blue Cross And Blue Shield of North Carolina, Memorial Healthcare System, HealthSystem Minnesota, Esprit de Corps.
The Canadian military drafted some of its top brass puck wranglers to fill the General Officers & Flag Officers (GOFOs) hockey bench in an attempt to mend their wounded egos after a January 2014 loss against the Esprit de Corps Commandos hockey team.
The employees recognize that Solv-Ex has been repeatedly attacked without justification, and this situation has created a true esprit de corps directed towards successful completion and operation of the plant.
One reader writes that Esprit de Corps publisher Scott Taylor's editorials--most recently dissecting the conflict in Ukraine--are candid and go beyond the rhetoric of mainstream media.
Military traditions are sometimes abusive, but most were originally generated to establish esprit de corps within a closed group.
People make the company, and we are highly impressed with both the talent of the founders and by the esprit de corps they have developed in every aspect of their operation.
I'm writing to express my deep appreciation for your articles at Esprit de Corps.
I was thankful to have been invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Esprit de Corps magazine in September 2013, privileged to be amongst esteemed guests, from generals to diplomats, from veterans to journalists, and yes, some politicians.
Anyway, the five-member Team Lukas produced one moment of esprit de corps, when the trainer and former basketball coach gathered his jockeys in the paddock and they joined hands, a memorable scene.
The container, which is on its way to Tanzania, was purchased mainly by donations from Esprit de Corps readers all from across this great nation.
Now companies are using the occasion to create a public image, to foster esprit de corps among employees and to spread the action around - as well as to forge an identity with Wall Street brokers and traders.
Esprit de Corps was once uncovering corruption and holding those responsible to account.