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Synonyms for esprit

Synonyms for esprit

a strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to a common goal that unites a group

Words related to esprit

liveliness of mind or spirit

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We are very excited to partner with Esprit to help them establish and strengthen their presence in India.
Caption: Esprit de Corps Magazine's September 2013 issue (Volume 20 Issue 8) celebrated the company's 25 years in business with a brand new logo, a redesign, and the launching of a brand new website
In partnership with the popular fashion blogger Tala Samman Esprit presented different spring summer looks for the guests with Esprit's new collection.
He had a wind operation, which might have helped him, but it could be that he has just Result Hennessy Gold Cup 3m 1 Quel Esprit.
Esprit opened its first store in mainland China 19 years ago and has about 1,000 retail and wholesale outlets in the country.
The unique Esprit Coffee fundraising program is designed to become a self-perpetuating fundraising source for causes looking for a sustainable income stream.
Passing sentence, Judge Rupert Mayo condemned Esprit for taking advantage of someone who regarded him as a friend.
Dethleffs believe the Esprit is the first motorhome in the world to have been designed by women, for women.
The Esprit Turbo took a long time to emerge but it hit the streets - and tracks - in 1980 and started something of a dynasty of progressively more powerful cars.
NEW HORIZON - the Lotus Esprit Turbo was one of the great cars
Brothers One and All: Esprit de Corps in a Civil War Regiment.
Esprit People really is a different kind of agency with a depth and breadth of hands-on experience in every area of our operations industrial and food production.
Hodos, president of Madison HGCD, and Steve Bartha, Madison HGCD's executive managing director, represented ESPRIT in the deal.
Pate will edit Esprit, a quarterly magazine published since 1986, whose goal is to "inspire, challenge, and educate Christian women.
The ESPrit 3G is Cochlear's third-generation BTE speech processor but is the fifth-generation speech processor for the Nucleus 22 family of implants.