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strong black coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans

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He found himself longing for an alternative to expensive home machines, particularly as they rarely produced a good double shot of espresso.
The red espresso Chai capsules offers an exotic blend infused with fragrant spices, the Intenso gives connoisseurs a powerful Rooibos espresso shot and the vanilla and caramel flavours deliver deliciously creamy aromatic blends.
Our innovative Folliet capsules will provide consumers with delicious espresso coffee of the highest quality, conveniently available at major retail stores," said Jean-Luc Voisin, managing director of Cafes Folliet.
Three varieties are available currently: Caramel Macchiato, made with caramel flavor, espresso and milk; Caffe Mocha, a blend of cocoa, espresso and milk; and Vanilla Latte, a blend of vanilla flavor, espresso and milk.
Cappuccino Ratio: 1 part espresso // 1 part steamed milk // 1 part frothed milk
Food and beverage company Sara Lee Corp (NYSE:SLE) announced today that aggregate sales of its single-serve espresso coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee appliances, L'Or EspressO, have reached the USD100m mark, according to Nielsen reports.
The Iced Espresso range broadly falls under two categories- Iced Dunkaccino and Iced Dunkalatte.
Authentic Italian Promotion For an authentic Italian experience, promote the traditional or semi-automatic espresso machine, which allows the user to participate in the coffee ritual and produce a product that is "Authentic Italian.
For richness of flavour and for that invigorating buzz only coffee can give, there is only one contender for the crown: the diminutive espresso.
Now you can make Italian espresso in the kitchen, office, dorm room or any place that has an outlet with this pot (with a built-in heating system) that has a convenient electric base; $59.
However, because a typical serving of espresso is so small, a portion yielded only about one-quarter of the amount in a cup of such boiled brews as Scandinavian or Turkish and Greek coffees--types known to elevate cholesterol.
From espresso to cappuccino, French roast to gourmet blend, specialty coffees are big business.
Espresso is as much a part of Seattle as umbrellas.
Can there be a coffeehouse without the presence of a great espresso machine in it?