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a long stretch of open level ground (paved or grassy) for walking beside the seashore

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"Ah!" muttered Cornelius to himself, "it seems they are not going to treat me to the honours of the Esplanade."
The local district engineering office in Iloilo was recently directed to expedite the paving of nine esplanades or open area for walking and biking along the shores of Iloilo River in Iloilo City.
According to District Engineer Rodney Gustilo, paving of walkways of the 820-meter Esplanade 4 located at the right side of Iloilo River from Benigno S.
As part of the redevelopment, the original pier structure will be restored and a new public rooftop park and esplanades will be created.
The project will also include about 34,000 s/f of public outdoor esplanades around the Pier's nearly 900 ft.
Casablanca,Oct 27, 2014 - HM King Mohammed VI launched, Monday, the development works of four esplanades along the Dar Bouazza coast, part of the priority program of upgrading the Greater Casablanca region (2014-2015) with a total budget of 2.82 billion dirhams.
The project, which provides notably for building esplanades at Tamariss I, Jack Beach, Dar Kouche and Oued Merzeg beaches, reflects the ongoing commitment of the Sovereign to supervise the process of upgrading the new urban areas of Greater Casablanca, by equipping them with modern infrastructure and facilities to meet the expectations of local populations.
For real estate developers, the primary significance of the Waterfront Plan is that: (1) Certain sites or types of sites on the waterfront now zoned for industrial use are seen as suitable for rezoning to enable housing or retail use which may have a higher economic value; and (2) Most new residential or commercial developments on the waterfront would have to be built in a relatively low- or medium-rise, high coverage form, and would also have to provide public esplanades or pathways along or leading to the shoreline, and visual corridors enabling unobstructed views of the water.
Providing more parkland or public esplanades along the City's shoreline will generally benefit the public.
Esplanades, boardwalks, hydrofoils and parks are some of the visions dancing through Manhattan Borough President Ruth W.
The esplanade, formally opened in August 2012, was built to turn the Iloilo River, the city's main tributary, into a tourist attraction that would complement other historic sites.