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Synonyms for especially

Synonyms for especially

to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common

in a special manner


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Thus people of the those areas have demanded the concerned authorities to stop shopkeepers from this artificial price hike especially of firewood and take an action against businessmen cashing the situation.
She may need to use you as an emotional punching bag, especially if she's tired or overwhelmed.
4 : something given up especially for the sake of helping others
"I'd like to share my past experiences with my colleagues in SMPS, especially the newer, younger members.
Putting the child's welfare first also favored mothers over fathers, especially in custody cases involving young children.
Jones, Andrea Lee, Charles Johnson, Lore Segal, and especially Danzy Senna.
In the past, the taxpayer was not permitted to participate in the Field Service Advice process, and the lack of taxpayer involvement has sometimes adversely affected the quality of the advice and also undermined taxpayer confidence in the process, especially where an anticipated FSA resulted instead in the issuance of a TAM.
Baby boomers will continue to shape everything with which they come into contact, especially their work and leisure activities, and employee benefits will play an important part in this in coming years.
Temeraire is a delight, and readers who enjoy dragon tales will especially enjoy the details of various dragon breeds, the eccentricities of dragon behavior, the humanity of the dragons, and the excitement of dragon battles.
Several issues constituted the crisis, which had major impact on Midwestern farming, especially grains, perhaps less on ranching and on fruits and vegetables.
But especially since the Caribbean was far from England, the average Britisher had little idea of the inhuman life the slaves were forced to live.
Stomach 44 (Nei Ting/Inner Courtyard): especially good for frontal and sinus-related types of headaches.
Many had nine.) Had the Ro80 been fitted with a V4 or V6, it and the company might have survived a while longer, especially since NSU in the early 1960s was selling more cars than BMW, and the Ro80 was its first foray into the booming sport sedan market.
It was especially strong on the early modern period of Mahdism and on the important White Flag League that continued the struggle against imperialism in a new way even into the British colonial era.
Without them none of us would have the opportunities to succeed and to live free as we do." The admiral dedicated his award to them, "especially to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that all of us can be free," he said.