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Synonyms for especially

Synonyms for especially

to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common

in a special manner


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4 : something given up especially for the sake of helping others
Putting the child's welfare first also favored mothers over fathers, especially in custody cases involving young children.
Jones, Andrea Lee, Charles Johnson, Lore Segal, and especially Danzy Senna.
In its relatively few pages, it is loaded with interesting, and, for most readers, new information about a phenomenon that has had a great effect on and will continue to impact the whole United States, especially its rural areas.
What makes the Palmdale-UHS agreement especially egregious is the fact that the city has already spent $15 million dollars of taxpayer funds to subsidize a private corporation that refuses to serve one-third of the public.
They used whatever anti-slavery speakers they could get, especially former slaves.
There was some treatment of the topic of oil, but this rapidly changing dimension of the Sudan political economy will need almost monthly updates as it becomes a major factor in most dimensions of the economy, especially since the signing of the CPA on 9 January 2005.
It was Niebuhr who cautioned us against the sin of pride, the belief (so conspicuous in the current administration) that we are an especially virtuous people.
Too often, especially in my area (software), people want to state that they're 50 percent, 80 percent, or 95 percent complete without any objective basis for coming to such a conclusion.
Protein is inextricably linked to muscle maintenance and growth, especially after the stimulus and muscle protein catabolism resulting from strength training.
Butterflies are active, especially in the Southeast, on any warm, sunny day.
However, the challenge of change is great, especially when having to consider automobile traffic versus pedestrian traffic, and at the same time not hindering what the area is known for--its cutting-edge technological lighting schemes and outdoor art.
I am especially mindful of women and the girl child.
Allen's article emphasizes the "international reputation" of some Dutch art institutions that, in fact, very few people, especially foreigners, actually bother to visit.
Paul encourages this posture frequently, especially in articulating the "fruits of the Spirit" (Gal 5:22-23).