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a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat

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To create an espaliered tree that is ready for sale takes at least three to four years--longer for more complicated designs.
If you have a shadier spot against a wall that needs some livening up, consider growing an espaliered star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), English holly (Ilex aquifolium) or Japanese maple.
My espaliered orchard had two early varieties, two mid-season varieties, two late-season varieties, four storage apples, and two more just for fun; all taking up only 25 feet of space.
The technique has proven so successful that some orchardists report a doubling of yield per land area with espaliered trees.
The former incumbents had nourished themselves in prefabs that disfigured the garden; and these having been cleared away, the space was planted with espaliered fruit trees.
NOT only are apple trees very tolerant of different pruning methods, and even do well being espaliered along a wall or fence, some of the flexible framework branches can be manipulated to form "windows" in a fruiting screen.
The arbor, designed by Shelly and San Francisco landscape architect Ron Lutsko, was originally installed to support the branches of espaliered Magnolia denudata trees (planted beneath the arbor's alternate posts), which produce large white flowers in late winter.
He has a fig tree espaliered (trained to grow flat) against a south-facing brick wall, and radiant heat from the wall keeps the tree so hardy and vigorous that it produces hundreds of figs every year.
If you have a small garden but big ambitions, you can grow fruit without having one or two trees dominate the entire area," says Hooper, who, along with caring for his orchard, owns a nursery dedicated to espaliered fruit trees and ornamentals.
The garden staff takes great pride in the espaliered 'Mrs.
During the growing season, check an espaliered plant at least weekly.
To add greenery without taking up driveway space, Derringer designed an orderly grid of espaliered needlepoint ivy.
Do it from scratch, or pay extra for a started plant Many nurseries sell quinces and camellias already espaliered against small trellises.
Two espaliered dwarf pears catch the sun against one wall of the house; along another wall is an 8-foot border with cutting flowers.
Espaliered fruit trees begin fruiting at an early age, and pruning, pest control, and harvest are all within easy reach.