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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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One-fifth of the escrowed funds were to be delivered to the sellers annually; if at any time during the escrow period, they engaged in a competing business, they would forfeit all.
For example, a buyer pays the taxpayer $5,000 as earnest money and later deposits all remaining sales proceeds in a qualified escrow; the taxpayer will recognize $5,000 of boot, but will not be in constructive receipt of the escrowed funds.
As a result, ESNY's Voss said, "escrow service clients have clear, fully insured protection at little or no cost and the client's attorney is out of the thankless business of record-keeping and worrying about escrowed funds.
will hold escrowed funds and securities in a segregated irrevocable trust fund pledged to the refunded bondholders.
verified the mathematical accuracy of debt service computations on the refunded bonds and income from the escrowed funds and securities, contained in schedules provided to them by the State of Florida.
as escrow agent, will hold escrowed funds and securities in a separate irrevocable trust fund (Escrow Fund) for the benefit of refunded bondholders.