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a desk used for writing

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A pretty but late 19th century French kingwood escritoire painted with lovers being serenaded in a landscape setting was estimated at PS800-1,200, but sold for PS5,400.
As Cecilia reminds the reader of her letter, 'nobody knows the secret' of the 'escritoire' which belonged to her mother.
Poems and compositions Nuanced his asylum years until a bloodied cough unhinged the Escritoire of his chest ...
Unbeknownst to him, I hesitated a minute to watch him go sit at his beautiful escritoire in the far corner of his studio.
Guide Now the ladies will be interested in this Louis XV escritoire (pointing to Clive) can we not imagine the fair ladies of yore penning their billet doux on its richly inlaid surface.
By now I have quite a collection in my escritoire."
Dear friend though she is, Jen can hardly be the sharpest quill in the escritoire: after all, she's been commuting along the same stretch of A1 from Belford to Berwick twice a day for 17 years and the truth has only just dawned on her.
It turned out to be an escritoire missing its hinged lid, which provides a writing surface when pulled down.
1) a faintly Japanese-looking woman, with greying hair and dark eyebrows, fits snugly between her soft brown chair and the tall brown escritoire, whose drop-leaf panel nearly cuts her in half.
At Castle Howard and at most mansions worth their title there's a patient, intelligent and friendly creature standing quietly by the escritoire or four-poster.
Just five months after Beuys's press conference, the signing of the new student party's charter was documented in another photograph (both were taken by Ute Klophaus, legendary visual chronicler of Fluxus and Happenings): Beuys, Johannes Stuttgen (one of Beuys's students at the time and a close ally), Fluxus composer Henning Christiansen, and the poet-critic-educator Bazon Brock are standing behind an improvised escritoire in Beuys's classroom.
My host slips behind a lamp-lit escritoire and leafs through the reservation book, flexing at the waist like a chevron, a glistening carapace of oiled, ebony hair sweeping back from fine bones and rich, olive skin.
Thus a library table would conceal a step ladder for reaching the top shelves, a dressing table would be also a washstand and an escritoire, looking glasses would enclose dressing cases, writing tables or work tables.
THE local elections' tiniest party pamphlet has wafted onto Mr Brocklebank's escritoire, inscribed "Vote Green - Honest in Politics".
A late 20th century Hermes black, lizard effect Kelly bag recently fetched pounds 6,000 at auction and a rare Gucci brown combined handbag and escritoire from the same period went for pounds 1,800.