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a reversion to the state (as the ultimate owner of property) in the absence of legal heirs

the property that reverts to the state

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In that case, New Jersey had codified the so-called place-of-purchase presumption, under which stored-value cards purchased in New Jersey would escheat to New Jersey even if the primary state exempted that property from escheatment.
The ability to escheat necessarily entails the ability not to escheat.
36) Under these "priority" rules, unclaimed property first escheats to the state of the owner's last-known address, according to the holder's records.
ACH disbursements also helped the treasury meet its goal of reducing escheat workloads.
Nontax government obligations are generally a limited for concern business; however, a state's abandoned or unclaimed property and escheat laws may lead to potentially material risk considerations.
The Escheats Fund, which holds long-forgotten cash from insurance policies, checking accounts and utility deposits, is flush with $600 million.
Unclaimed property law finds its genesis in early English common law where unclaimed property would escheat, or revert, to the king upon abandonment.
The dormancy period represents the period of time a gift card can go unused until it escheats to the state.
The Supreme Court has supplied a bright-line test and some jurisdictions have carved out escheat exceptions for certain types of property.
Conversely, if escheat property is reported in the fund to which it ultimately escheats, a liability for probable future payments should be recognized to reduce the amount of revenue reported.
Under the secondary rule, property for which there is no owner's last known address escheats to the holder's state of "corporate domicile" (state of incorporation).
As noted, a state does not own the property that escheats to it; it merely holds it until the true owner can be found or comes forward to claim the property.
The Association has also supported legislation authorizing the State Treasurer to invest monies from the North Carolina Escheats Fund in partnerships or limited liability companies investing in equities and subordinated debt of innovation-based startups and other privately held enterprises.
However, unlike the prior resolution programs, ultimate security derives from a 'sum sufficient' appropriation for debt service from the Literary Fund (a constitutional perpetual fund receiving escheats, unclaimed property, etc.
The state of the holder's domicile also has second priority escheat rights where the state of the owner's last known address does not assert a claim to the type of property in question (e.