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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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Wheeler's study of Victorian eschatology is impressive in its range as well as its scholarship.
Rodenborn tracks Metz's and Schillebeeckx's publishing careers in text-by-text, chronological order so as to demonstrate both theologians' evolutions from sanguine appropriators of modern secularism to critical proponents of prophetic, practical eschatology for a threatened humanity and planet.
His decision to begin with eschatology places later theological development in helpful perspective.
Still, by placing this work in his broader taxonomy, Leigh highlights the exceptional capacity of the African American tradition to historicize eschatology (including, in the case of Malcolm X, Islamic eschatology).
[3] Those who are familiar with Jewish/Christian traditions will no doubt notice that the second half of the movie is in fact a retelling of Judeo-Christian eschatology in modern terms, and biblical themes are littered throughout the film.
This paper discusses the different concepts of eschatology in the work of Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995) and plans to outline their importance for his views on language.
My original plan had been to write a book on eschatology in general, but I soon realized that it was impossible to embrace the topic in one book.
Specialists working in philosophy, cultural studies, theology, communication, and cognitive science in India and North America explore the sitcom in terms of topics like bureaucracy, torture, morality, doing good, free will, punishment, the meaning of the afterlife, the death of meaning, personal identity, omniscience, moral philosophy, indecision, relationships, accountability, eschatology, Hinduism, cognitive science and embodiment, and authenticity.
"I have great relations with our friends and partners in the EU and intend to continue to improve them the whole time without getting into any post-Brexit eschatology with the president of the Council," said Johnson.
Wiren Jakob, Hope and Otherness: Christian Eschatology and Interreligious Hospitality.
While topics such as ecclesiology, sacraments, Christology, or soteriology have received some well-deserved notice, the eschatology expressed by seventeenth-century General Baptists is typically overlooked.
THE 2006 Christopher Nolan film The Prestige provides a most compelling examination of death, the uncanny, and eschatology, through its surprise ending.
One of the charges brought against Christianity regarding the worldwide ecological crisis is its "otherworldly" eschatology. (1) Known also as the "unearthly eschatology," its many varieties are based on a traditional belief that with the second coming of Christ, "the heavens will be set ablaze and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire" (2 Peter 12).
Therefore, the aim of this study is to examine the Urhobo traditional world view about God and the afterlife and compare it with the Christian Theology of Eschatology. In this study, the comparative model shall be explored as a methodology.
For their part, the IRGC and ISIS are driven by eschatology, a branch of theology concerned with the end times.