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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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Moore points out that in the midst of an agnostic Enlightenment, new spiritual sources for literature were alive and well creating a "reformation of the reformation." As the Enlightenment brought about reformed thinking, persons who felt rationalism had gone too far tended toward a spiritual path: the Quietists, Illuminists, and Eschatologists. In her final chapter Moore adds another heteroclite threesome of literary figures who pushed forward the development of poetic prose: Evariste Parny composer of Chansons madecasses, Chateaubriand with his Atala, and Sebastien Mercier in his reasoned theory and prose poetry.
More is one of the most significant Platonists that America has ever produced; one of our most important Christian eschatologists; and one of our most accomplished literary editors and essayists.
Anyone in this great nation of ours can be a state legislator, and pretty much everyone is: madmen, con men, Book of Revelations-reading eschatologists. My home-state legislature, in Louisiana, recently passed a law creating optional marriage contracts under which divorce is next to impossible--just so the kids who haven't had sex as teenagers will have something to look forward to.
Historical pertains to the fact that, in their seemingly unerring ability to give the customers what they want, many celebrated eschatologists were endowed with what we would today describe as innate marketing abilities.
Eschatologists concern themselves with the study of last things, historians with what has come before.