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Synonyms for escarpment

a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


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a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification

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There are many other examples to choose from, but these should suffice to illustrate that the Niagara Escarpment is locally recognized for its role in defining community identity.
The 90-acre winery and farm, with 11 varieties of wine and more than 1,000 apple trees, is located between the historic Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario, where the microclimate is ideal for the production of world-class wines.
He was accused of eloping with the girl before defiling her in a cave at an escarpment.
Contract awarded for Escarpment collapse danger zone (Dodong Lee 3 1) gwangeup materials mosaic tile manufacturer purchases
The participants will traverse the Khomas Hochland escarpment pass through the Namib Desert andfinish in Swakopmund, the distance of the race is approximately 480km, which bikers from Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa and as far as Texas also taking part.
To the south of the village, the impressive Llangattock Escarpment towers some 400 often vertical metres above the Usk Valley, and an old, grassy tramroad provides easy access into the heart of this fascinating area.
The Niagara Escarpment, a world biosphere reserve, cuts through the heart of the city.
A US and a Czech Republic national were killed in a paragliding accident at the Kerio escarpment on Tuesday.
Venture further west and the Western Desert escarpment meets the coast beyond Sidi Barani and toward Salloum.
Five days later, the spacecraft detected a freshly exposed escarpment along Aswan, a cliff face that's 134 m (440 ft) high.
40pm alerting them about car that overturned and fell into escarpment.
His infantry division is ordered to regain control of a steep escarpment called Hacksaw Ridge, to stop the Japanese army in its tracks.
A year ago, University of Cambridge archaeologists had a eureka moment in the middle of the Sahara, realizing that parts of a vast 3 5 O-km escarpment were an artifact of a prehistoric industry: ancient hominins creating tremendous amounts of stone tools and piling up discarded ones.
The escarpment was formed more than 100 million years ago, when layers of limestone, sandstone and shale were uplifted and eroded by wind, water and other elements.
Dinbren Hall in Llangollen was built in 1779 and sits among rolling hills with views to Castell Dinas Bran and the Eglwyseg limestone escarpment.