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Synonyms for escapism

Synonyms for escapism

an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy


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Taking the stress, planning and possible disasters out of summer holidays, The Hoxton is curating two idyllic, once-in-a-lifetime trips that offer both city buzz, a festival and island escapism.
Heat 2: 1 Escapism, 2 A Day Late, 3 Mountaylor Queen, 4 Droopys Nine, 5 Anopheles, 6 Razldazl Tierna (m).
No one sets out to write escapism as a film's subject matter unless, maybe, you are making a fantasy flick.
ESCAPISM Encounter dragons, rolling clouds and rugged mountains
We all know about Reacher's extraordinary power and appeal, Child's brilliant use of spare prose and shocking pace, the sudden plot twists and turns and the brutal violence, all accompanied by the sense of pure escapism that Child creates so convincingly.
Ask thoughtful Israelis why they love the show so much, and they're likely to cite the aforementioned scandals and say that, in a political reality so harsh and arid, a bit of lush escapism never hurts.
Pendine-based Davies, addresses the recurring theme of escapism in her work.
Cineworld Solihull, Sat 10am How To Train Your Dragon 2D (PG): Fabulous escapism.
Yes, doops is that good but even better he's not stuck in some nostalgia timewarp, instead bringing a writing talent for the ages to the daily operations of his generation, from weekend baby-daddys to Playstation escapism to the complicated "give a hoody a hug" racial politics of London 2008.
But if watching the weekend game is about escapism and suspending the reality of everyday life for 90 minutes, then the Premier League is fast entering a new realm altogether.
Of course, this is the kind of rags-to-riches escapism that we can depend on.
So the next time you feel like you need a moment of escapism, just log on and feel grateful you're not being chased by the paparazzi.
JUST as the TV series Lost has captured the imagination of those after a little escapism, The Sims: Castaway Stories is set to do the same for Sims fans who have grown tired of city life.
And be it out-of-this-world nature or luxurious escapism, the mirage still delivers in spades.
And I think that there is an escapism out there -- you'll see a little bit of an adjustment toward that.