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Synonyms for escapee

Synonyms for escapee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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someone who escapes

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But they later confirmed that he was one of the escapees.
Richard Matt was one of two prison escapees who had been convicted of murder to break out of a New York State maximum-security prison, using power tools.
Authorities said they have no evidence to confirm the whereabouts of the second escapee but have no reason to believe he was not with Matt recently and still in the area.
The statement said that the two Lebanese escapees Mohammad al Jouni and Sd Sabra as well as the Syrian Mohannad Abdul Rahman fled from the prison around 4:00 a.
A Kirkuk police source said a monetary award has been allocated for anyone who assists in finding the escapees.
The vessel was eventually traced by children of the original escapees.
He said there was no indication the escapee went in the direction of the school.
Running a check on the car, the police officer identified the driver as prison escapee Wellington Goncalves dos Santos, who sped off in an attempt to avoid arrest.
Grahame Madge, spokesman from the RSPB, said: "It is thought this bird is an escapee.
In a final chapter (written in February 2010) Barry sums up what has happened since to his family, including his brother Jack and to others, including the Japanese escapee.
With the arrest of Jawari, the number of escapees who were recaptured following a breakout from the Anti-terrorism jail in Tikrit in Sept.
The Powhatan gave chase, killing Samuel, the other escapee.
As the escapee, William Tyndale had just the goal of publication of his English translations of the Bible, his home county forbade translations to English of even prayers.
JURORS and victims' relatives have been forced into hiding after fears they may be targeted by a death row escapee.
News stories include detailed information, usually provided by correctional authorities at the time of the incident, about the dates and times of escapes, the number of inmates involved, escapee background, the means employed in escaping, whether anyone was injured in the course of the escape, behavior of staff during the incident, how soon escapees were captured, and other salient, qualitative information.