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Synonyms for escaped

fleeing or having fled, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

Synonyms for escaped

having escaped, especially from confinement

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Then came the messengers from M'ganwazam, but scarce had they told their story and Rokoff was preparing to depart with them for their village when other runners, panting from the exertions of their swift flight through the jungle, rushed breathless into the firelight, crying that the great white giant had escaped from M'ganwazam and was already on his way to wreak vengeance against his enemies.
The terror-stricken Muscovite scurried like a hunted rabbit through the hole that still gaped in the boma's wall at the point where his own prey had escaped, and as Tarzan approached the camp upon the opposite side Rokoff disappeared into the jungle in the wake of Jane Clayton.
Jane Clayton knew nothing of the various misfortunes that had befallen the Russian since she had escaped from his tent, so she believed that his followers must be close at hand.
Not that Rokoff would have felt the slightest compunction in ignoring any promises he might have made the girl, but he disliked the idea of having to sue for favour with one who had so recently assaulted and escaped him.
HUJRA SHAH MUQIM -- Two robbers escaped and one was killed in police encounter when they were trying to escape after robbery.
HUJRASHAH MUQIM -- Two robbers escaped and one was killed in police encounter when they were trying to escape after robbery According to media report, Sadar Police was informed that armed robbers were looting the passers by in ParwinAbad, village adjacent to ALLAHPUR When Police reached, the robbers tried to escape on a motorbike snatched from Shabir, a passer-by.
Consider this fact: On May 23, 2015, three criminals serving life sentences escaped from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.
The prosecution had told the court that the accused escaped from lawful custody when investigations revealed that he was part of the gang that kidnapped the three Takoradi girls.
"50 per cent of the teams who have taken on the van have escaped, and all of our reviews so far are five-star, as the game is a challenging but fun experience.
But before they finally escaped, they got spooked again by a mysterious man in a mask who crawled towards them - which at one point made Grande trip.
Police Officer 2 Walter Frisco, radio operator at Bacoor police's Tactical Operations Center (TOC), said seven of the escaped inmates have already been rearrested, two surrendered while 14 more remained at large and are now the subject of a manhunt operation.
Three hours later, the Corporal called the complainant informing him that the suspects had escaped from police custody during shift change.
The team that took on Dr Wilson's Office, which included the match-winner against Stoke City Jack Grimmer, escaped with 14 minutes on the clock.
The team that took on Dr Wilson's Office, which included third round hero Jack Grimmer, escaped with 14 minutes on the clock, while the group in the Time Machine experience, led by captain Michael Doyle, didn't require a clue until the final stages to escape.
An IDF soldier serving time in a military prison escaped last week, after he climbed to the roof of a synagogue in the prison complex.