escape valve

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a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler)

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The pressure on labour markets in developed countries means that many workers will be looking for an escape valve with some probably looking to the Gulf, among other fast-growing regions, as a possible destination.
The box contained a very sensitive anaeroid capsule which communicated with a rubber arm cuff enclosed in canvas; the apparatus also had a pump, an escape valve and an anaeroid manometer to indicate the pressure.
Extra time and extra cost make bifurcated closings undesirable, yet they do provide an escape valve for buyers when lenders refuse to fund through a closing office they will not rely on.
Immigration is becoming an escape valve for many Oaxaca residents.
In 1997, at the urging of NRLC and other groups, Congress created an escape valve.
In a society that demanded propriety and the repression of base instincts, horror stories provided a necessary escape valve.
But it does go a long way to explain what life is like for them - and how they need an escape valve to let off steam.
The Maori, inspired by the loose forward pair of Jonno Gibbes and Marty Holah, closed down every escape valve available to the Lions and piled on the pressure.
The stuck Qi builds up, like a pressure cooker, and eventually needs an escape valve.
They dodge through Idaho Springs trying to beat the clock, or dash down off-ramps onto back roads through Georgetown looking for an escape valve.
Gaizka Mendieta, Juninho and Bolo Zenden were supposed to provide the escape valve and the attacking capabilities, but were not able to keep possession.
Only individual brilliance - a meaty Mutu volley, a low Lampard driller - appeared to offer Chelsea an early escape valve from the pressure generated by an Everton team in no mood to party early.
For the small group of children whose parents do take advantage of the transfer option, it's surely a godsend - an escape valve from the LAUSD's most dismal campuses.
With much of the play congested in the middle of the field - you can expect more of the same in the derby - Rooney acted as Everton's escape valve, the figure likely to unlock Blackburn's almost equally edgy backline.
Middle-aged professionals, looking for an escape valve from their high-pressure lives, are buying ranches and log cabins in Wyoming, Montana, Arizona and New Mexico.