escape valve

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a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler)

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Well, that and a pervasive sense of humor that infuses the book's heavier moments with a necessary escape valve (critics mention a spiritual connection with Chuck Klosterman's work; John Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces comes to mind as well).
Social media has become an escape valve for the gamut of emotions that rise like steam from irate passengers on delayed local and international flights, with cargo as well as people trapped in traffic congestion from seaports to roads ironically described as expressways.
Meanwhile, Fletcher says Sunderland's win at Palace has provided an escape valve for any pressure that was building on the Black Cats.
It had a large and noisy motor that included an escape valve for steam so her head would not cook.
Some so-called "assurances" may be given by Pfizer as a political escape valve for the government.
Because, in the end, extraditions are an escape valve for Mexico,'' which has been slow to improve its own investigative police, prosecution and court system.
The light, Anacreontic verse that destabilized this masculine ideal of virile social responsibility--the character of the "hombre de bien"--functioned as a refuge, an escape valve, for these men.
Paso's charms provide an escape valve for industryites seeking a more rural, less populated area.
We think that more needs to be done to reach out to this army of invisible carers across the UK, since without the escape valve of regular time off from caring we know only too well the bleak future they might end up facing.
They essentially form an escape valve and quick-fix solution for tensions rising due to the ambiguous position of adat in these regions, while forming a vehicle for local elites to combine personal with collective interests.
Even though it serves as an escape valve for the government (since discontented people without jobs threaten the regime), in the long term, massive emigration weakens the ability of future generations to sustain Cuba's increasingly graying population.
The pressure on labour markets in developed countries means that many workers will be looking for an escape valve with some probably looking to the Gulf, among other fast-growing regions, as a possible destination.
Pozuelo agrees and says patients who have enjoyable outlets have "a natural escape valve from the stress we all incur in daily life.
The box contained a very sensitive anaeroid capsule which communicated with a rubber arm cuff enclosed in canvas; the apparatus also had a pump, an escape valve and an anaeroid manometer to indicate the pressure.
Extra time and extra cost make bifurcated closings undesirable, yet they do provide an escape valve for buyers when lenders refuse to fund through a closing office they will not rely on.