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a form of behavior that evades unpleasant realities

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In addition, the markers on Linkage Group C2 and M were associated with escape mechanisms in the field (maturity and lodging) and not physiological resistance (Kim and Diers, 2000).
The detached leaf assay measures the host-pathogen interaction under consistently favorable environmental conditions for disease development; it does not measure escape mechanisms.
Unfortunately, analyses of case studies of swindles reveal few danger signals and escape mechanisms.
These older Americans were asked by the PSAs to submit a short letter relating a personal story of a suspected confidence swindle directed at them that they managed to avoid; they were also asked to identify relevant danger signals and escape mechanisms.
Novel combinatorial drugs targeting CSCs are required to address signalling redundancy and subvert resistance and escape mechanisms.
Both physiological resistance and escape mechanisms contribute to differences in the reaction of cultivars to sclerotinia stem rot in field trials.
Vaccines that are designed to boost specific immunity against breast -cancer will probably work best in early-stage disease, in which the postsurgical tumor burden is relatively low, the cancer cells have not yet evolved sophisticated escape mechanisms, and the patient has not been saddled with severe immunoincompetence due to extensive chemotherapy, said Dr.
Thus, these resistance models provide a unique opportunity to explore therapy escape mechanisms.
These escape mechanisms could include flowering date, lodging, canopy architecture, and maturity, which have all been shown to be significantly associated with disease severity (Boland and Hall, 1987; Nelson et al.
Objective: This project~s main objective is to study the role of the CD300 receptor family in the pathogenesis of the infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and viral escape mechanisms.
It is likely that field resistance results from a combination of physiological resistance and escape mechanisms: Early maturity and an upright, open canopy are correlated with reduced levels of disease and are likely escape mechanisms (Nelson et al.
We believe that the combination of therapies targeting different tumour escape mechanisms is about to change the way we treat a complex disease such as cancer.