escape hatch

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hatchway that provides a means of escape in an emergency

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It must be time to start looking for the escape hatch that leads to fresh enthusiasm from the supporters.
They're trained to think that this act of politeness is actually an escape hatch for you, giving you a way out of the conversation," sales expert Steve Kloyda says.
One of them lands and a vaguely humanoid creature steps slowly out of the escape hatch.
Deer formed Mohawk Princess Pictures in 2006, which produced her first short fiction called Escape Hatch, a dramedy about the romantic misadventures of a Mohawk woman on her quest for love.
The trial saw the two use torches to figure out the combination of an escape hatch which led to a tunnel and more locked gates.
Bhutto's injury is entirely consistent with her head impacting upon the lip of the escape hatch.
The investigation, which was limited to determining the cause and circumstances of the death, found the fatal injury was a major trauma to the right side of Ms Bhutto's head, caused by the force of the blast throwing her against the escape hatch of the vehicle.
The report concluded that Ms Bhutto's only apparent injury was a major trauma to the right side of the head, caused by hitting the escape hatch to her vehicle and not by a gunshot wound.
A catharsis is the escape hatch of the emotions that a drama arouses.
It's too late to offer any relief for this year, but keep an eye on it toward the end of the year to see if the escape hatch is still available in 2007.
Witness nature in extraordinary form by referencing the REI Escape Hatch for the latest listings of upcoming meteor showers and eclipses.
They are not using vouchers as an escape hatch from poorly performing public schools," asserts Nancy Van Meter, director of AFT's Center on Privatization.
KILDARE County will offer league legend Pat Scully an escape hatch from his Drogheda United nightmare.
The regime has seized on a nuclear program as the magic escape hatch from its predicament.
See your notes as a vital part of your presentation, not an escape hatch in case your mind suddenly goes blank.