escape hatch

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hatchway that provides a means of escape in an emergency

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Mr Arnold''s dad, leading stoker Walter Arnold, aged 27, was the last of four men to escape from the sub before the escape hatch jammed.
JS used that escape hatch last week, missing the deadline to lock in its stalking-horse bid.
Among the notable VR-12 airframe systems is the "hatch mount" version, an integrated antenna system and radome package that drops into the escape hatch of a C-130 aircraft.
As result of this testing, major design modifications were implemented which mainly consisted of a second external fuselage skin over the entire length of the fuselage side windows and escape hatch areas riveted to the original fuselage skin and frames.
Political gddlock is an obvious problem--but it also provides an opportune escape hatch.
Selsey lobster, caught off Selsey on the West Sussex coast, is said to have a sweeter flavour than other types of lobster sold in the UK and is caught using a specially designed 'parlourpot', which has an escape hatch allowing immature lobsters to escape.
It must be time to start looking for the escape hatch that leads to fresh enthusiasm from the supporters.
They're trained to think that this act of politeness is actually an escape hatch for you, giving you a way out of the conversation," sales expert Steve Kloyda says.
In that case, an emergency escape hatch opens to let the rider out.
One of them lands and a vaguely humanoid creature steps slowly out of the escape hatch.
Deer formed Mohawk Princess Pictures in 2006, which produced her first short fiction called Escape Hatch, a dramedy about the romantic misadventures of a Mohawk woman on her quest for love.
There is an escape hatch, but getting through it is almost impossible.
The first man to bail out of the navigator's escape hatch must have been very nervous, for he opened his chute before clearing the plane and his chute got caught in the escape hatch.
Bhutto's injury is entirely consistent with her head impacting upon the lip of the escape hatch.
The investigation, which was limited to determining the cause and circumstances of the death, found the fatal injury was a major trauma to the right side of Ms Bhutto's head, caused by the force of the blast throwing her against the escape hatch of the vehicle.