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September 21, 2011: Six hard-core criminals attempted to escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison.
The court, however exonerated the police from the accusation of aiding the accused to escape from lawful custody.
Magno, a farmer residing in Sitio (sub-village) Gamot in Barangay (village) San Nicolas in Magsaysay, used falsified keys to escape from the municipal jail around 8 a.m.
The escape room challenge runs for 25 minutes and includes a series of tasks in which candidates use clues to work out the padlock combinations to five different boxes - one of which contains the key to escape from the room.
Now our new scientific investigation, published in the Journal of Conflict Archaeology, revealed a hidden tunnel that allowed 83 German prisoners to escape from Camp 198 in Bridgend in March 1945.
While the choppy water surrounding Rikers Island jail makes it difficult for inmates to leave the island, Hill isn't the first to have attempted an escape from the infamous jail complex. 
The venue offers team building groups, families, friends and teams of all sizes the opportunity to Escape from the Office, Escape from London, take the King's Challenge with The Medieval Adventure, and be Trapped in a Room with a Zombie.
Escape from Egyptian prisons are rare; most cases took place on 28 January 2011, after unknown personnel stormed into different prisons and police stations around the country, thousands of inmates were able to flee.
"We now have customers who have been in to escape from one room then rushing back to do the second, then emailing us afterwards asking us to open a third and fourth.
Not just escape from soci- ety pressures, bad marriages and Kim Kardashian, but escape from our stuff.
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Motahedoon coalition, Hamid Kassar al-Zobaie expressed his coalition's concern about the phenomenon of prisoners' escape from time to time, and most recently the escape of a number of prisoners from the Kadhemiya prison.
A MURDER suspect from the Black Country has admitted his role in plotting his own escape from a prison van.
"What makes an EFL event different from any other are the escape stunts - but if we've not got anything to escape from then the whole thing doesn't work.
ISLAMABAD -- National Accountability Bureau has said Tauqir Sadiq has not named any individual for having assisted him in his escape from Pakistan.