escalator clause

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a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc


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Several officials familiar with the package said it does not include an escalator clause to allow higher increases depending on inflation.
He said discussions about an escalator clause for health funding was being negotiated.
This escalator clause aims to boost transfer payments to the provinces by six per cent annually to keep pace with the increasing costs of health care.
The case mainly involves the development of a residential suburb in a prime location in Vancouver and the Court having to decide what a rent escalator clause in some long term leases should mean.
Whether or not a given union contract contains an escalator clause depends on the valuation of such a provision by both workers and the employer and, in turn, on risk preferences of the two parties.
That proved over-optimistic, but it's taken $840,000 (enough to trigger an escalator clause for Australian TV rights) and is being re-released in November due to exhibs' requests.
The Massachusetts Legislature, 73 years later, adopted the first escalator clause for the pay of Revolutionary War soldiers.
Still, good management, such as including an escalator clause in your contract or negotiating deals with your suppliers, can help take the sting out of price increases.
A second major concern for the union is the possibility of unanticipated inflation, which would erode real wages under a long-term labor contract in the absence of a cost of living escalator clause and, again, cast an unfavorable light on the union leadership.
25 percent raises each year for five years, and they have an escalator clause to account for inflation, which could nearly double the raises.
This escalator clause will allow for money beyond the $700 million to be targeted at improving Aboriginal health.
Trucking, which has 350 trucks traversing 11 states, built a fuel-price escalator clause into its contracts after oil-price spikes in 2000.
Rates are protected with a 2 to 3 percent fixed escalator clause, or scheduled increase in rates over a period of time.
25 percent raises each year for five years, and an escalator clause to account for inflation.
25 percent a year for five years, but it included an escalator clause to account for inflation that could have driven its costs up by 31 percent.