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Synonyms for escalation

Synonyms for escalation

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an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy

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As the protocol of escalation involves 'contingency matters for escalation to higher authorities,' it is outright absurd for the OCP-Manila to conclude that the resolution of said matters necessarily includes the ability to decide whether escalation, in fact, is needed as when the Smartmatic personnel can resolve the matter, by himself.
The national delegation underlined that such escalation comes in light of the UN-sponsored peace consultations in Kuwait, which require creating appropriate conditions by all parties.
Naval War College, the War Gaming Department has examined strategic deterrence through the lens of escalation and resolve.
Normatively these drivers sound coherent but past experience suggests that such a behaviour could lead India to an Escalation Trap.
Using interviews, case studies, and a review of academic and practitioner research, the brief offers recommendations on how governments might incorporate an automatic escalation policy into their defined contribution retirement plans, including:
Using interviews, case studies, and a review of academic and practitioner research, Sanford offers recommendations for how state and local governments might incorporate automatic escalation into their defined contribution plans.
Mane'a Al-Matary, a member of the Organizing Committee for Sana'a's Change Square, said the escalation aims to accelerate achieving the goals of the revolution.
Escalation research in management and economics has identified a number of factors that contribute to the escalation process.
Bulgaria has a contract concluded with Atomstroyexport to construct its second NPP for EUR 4 B, but this has previewed the possibility for cost escalation due to inflation, and more impotantly, delays in the project.
Summary: Hedge Fund performance was adversely impacted by the escalation of the Euro-centric sovereign bond crisis in May
Among his topics are the rungs of the escalation ladder, traditional and intense crises, the nuclear threshold, military and civilian central wars, defects of the escalation-ladder metaphor, and de-escalation and its aftermath.
Following the workshop, safe staffing unit director Vicky Brewer has developed a draft safe staffing escalation tool kit and sent it to the unit's governance group before sending it out wider.
There is an overwhelming regularity of escalation among IT projects that casts tremendous burden on the economy (Chee-Wee et al.
In the early part of 2006, there will be minimum escalation to construction costs while the cleanup in Louisiana Mississippi, Texas and Florida is taking place.
With a construction project of short duration, you probably know, or can guess, whether there will be wage increases or an escalation in materials prices.