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a small squadron

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an air force squadron typically containing six airplanes (as in France during World War I)

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He's buried under the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial in Paris, in a crypt below, along with 50 other great Airmen--two French and 49 American.
He also served as an aviator with Lafayette escadrille, and prior to that had spent live years in the French Foreign Legion, making a total of nine years' service.
When I was 11 years old, my friend Mike and I formed the Lafayette Escadrille (LE).
This First World War drama is loosely based on the true story of the Lafayette Escadrille.
Some, like Dinsmore Ely, who flew with the famous Franco-American Lafayette Escadrille in the Great War, were allegedly reciting militarist Christian dicta at the tender age of four.
Escadrille #23 included pioneers Marc Pourpre and Armand Pinsard.
In 1916, Captain Thenault (Jean Reno) welcomes American enlistees to Lafayette Escadrille, a close-knit unit equipped with the latest Nieuport 17 planes, led by crack shot Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson).
With the US still to officially enter the war, the air corps, known as the Lafayette Escadrille, attracts a rag-tag group of Americans looking for adventure and to play their part.
The barracks of the Lafayette Escadrille are sited in an amazing chateau, their captain is Jean Reno, the ace pilot is jaded Reed Cassidy (Martin Henderson) and there are pretty local girls to fall in love with.
Captain Thenault (Reno) welcomes the American enlistees to Lafayette Escadrille, a unit equipped with the latest Nieuport 17 planes, led by Reed Cassidy (Henderson).
Arriving in France, they're warned by other members of the Lafayette Escadrille to "go home while you still can".
Flyboys, which also stars acclaimed French actor Jean Reno, tells the true story of the young men of the Lafayette Escadrille, the first American fighter-pilot squadron to see action in the First World War when a group of brave volunteers signed up to join the French and British allies while the US was still neutral.
In 1916, a year before the USA entered the war, many young Americans went to France to volunteer as fighter pilots, joining what would be known as the Lafayette Escadrille at Verdun, flying rickety bi-planes in combat against the superior German forces.
Flyboys'' is a somewhat fictionalized story of the Lafayette Escadrille, a group of Americans who volunteered as Allied pilots, under French command, before the United States entered the war.
Ab: Flug Abteilung; MF 52: Escadrille Maurice Farman 52) but also, for example, by the type of north-facing arrow.