erythroblastosis fetalis

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severe anemia in newborn babies

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Nevertheless It has been suggested before that transplacental transmission results from abnormal placentation as placental damage may permitting the maternal and fetal blood to mix or that reverse erythroblastosis fetalis may occur allowing parasites to cross the placenta (Phipps and Otter 2004).
(9,13) Apart from hypoxia, nucleated red blood cells in fetal circulation can increase from infection; maternal diabetes mellitus; fetal anemia, as in erythroblastosis fetalis; and acute blood loss.
Isoimmunization in pregnancy, its posible bearing on the etiology of erythroblastosis fetalis, JAMA 1941:116-825.
erythroblastosis fetalis and congenital syphilis, as an enlarged spleen is more fragile than a normal organ.
High-dose intravenous gamma globulin: does it have a role in the treatment of severe erythroblastosis fetalis? Obstet Gynecol 76: 703-708.
The issue before the Court was whether the physicians could be held liable for erythroblastosis fetalis (i.e., either Rh incompatibility disease or ABO incompatibility disease) suffered by a child due to the negligent transfusion of the mother nine years prior to the child's conception.