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a reddish mineral consisting of hydrated cobalt arsenate in monoclinic crystalline form and used in coloring glass


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All these new finds were from Morocco, including a few of the erythrites, some nice roselite from the Agoudal quarry, Bou Azzer district, some cute loose clusters of azurite from Kerouchen, and a few acanthites from Imiter.
Minerals occurring in this leached zone included goethite, hematite, jarosite, erythrite, native bismuth, bieberite, heterogenite, nontronite and pitticite.
In the Blackbird mine, rose-red fibrous coatings of erythrite along seams and cracks were found in a black tourmaline-quartz rock (Ream, 2004).
These classic localities have produced the world's finest specimens of erythrite, roselite, roselite-beta, talmessite, wendwilsonite, skutterudite and gersdorffite.
For a long time the tribal Berbers of the region around Bou Azzer had known of the outcropping arsenic-rich ore veins and of their cobalt arsenate minerals, especially erythrite, whose beautiful violet-red color seized their attention.
Good specimens of erythrite and clinoclase microcrystals were discovered in the Freirina area near Vallenar in 2000.
He does make exceptions: recently, for example, he acquired some extraordinary thumbnails of Freiberg silver, N'Chwaning mine rhodochrosite, Moroccan erythrite, and even Dal'negorsk fluorite (the exquisite "invisible" octahedron on sphalerite pictured here), all of which also exist in world-class miniatures and cabinet specimens.
Once through Bideaux Minerals I had supplied to Ed an erythrite from Schneeberg, Germany.
siderite, tetrahedrite after bournonite ("stylotypite"); see Viboras Magarinas Ferberite, geocronite Maragua Cassiterite; see Santiaguillo, Vetillas, Cerro Malmisa Marcamarcani Arsenopyrite, tellurian bismite, (formerly San bismuth, bismuthinite, Baldomero) bismutoferrite, erythrite, joseite, lollingite, skutterudite ("smaltite") Marcocoya Copper after aragonite Margarita Vivianite, wolframite Maria Francisca Cylindrite, (*)(?
He was offering azurite, erythrite and (of course) vanadinite at prices starting around $13.
Other minerals in the dump material are: cobaltaustinite, scorodite, bariumpharmacosiderite, olivenite, conichalcite, erythrite, arsenjosiderite, mimetite, beudantite, silver, bismuth, acanthite, galena, pyrite and skutterudite.
These include: annabergite, aragonite, argentopentlandite (Sirka, 1988), brochantite, chlorite (group), covellite, devilline, erythrite, gadolinite, gahnite, goethite, gold-silver (electrum), illite, kaolinite, langite, malachite, montmorillonite, natrojarosite, naumannite (Frigstad, 1972), palygorskite, posnjakite, scheelite, sepiolite (van der Wel, 1972), stilpnomelane, sulfur, tetrahedrite and tremolite-actinolite.
The Moroccan erythrite situation seems not to have evolved since Denver: available erythrite specimens clearly are leftovers from then (but still just as beautiful as they were then), handled by Francois Lietard, Horst Burkard, and occasional others.
There is a paddleboard describing erythrite, annabergite and manganite as products of "mixed metals," but without any explanation of what that means, and I am not sure which metals are mixed in manganite.
Erythrite occurs as a rare secondary mineral in the Bor pit.