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With knowledge of Garland's non-fiction writings, Pizer eruditely analyzes Main-Travelled Roads, finding an allegory of the West that employs an experimental form (the fragmented novel), a form popularized later by American modernists such as Sherwood Anderson, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner.
Clark Gilpin's new take on the enigmatic giant of American poetry, Emily Dickinson, eruditely weaves literary criticism into an exploration of the religious landscape contemporary to the poetess, managing a gentle unmasking of the still elusive thinker.
It's like you can have a hen party," he said, eruditely.
Soon after Pete said there aren't more women judges on the Supreme Court because they don't apply, I turned on the CBC evening news in time to watch Ian Hanomansing and Evan Solomon eruditely discussing the Pete thing.
They toy with the worry beads of various symbolic forms, eruditely discuss associations, show off their hermeneutical skills, all in order to protect themselves--and us--from the striking fact that Mickiewicz did not begin Dziady Part III with a "literary prologue" (Juliusz Slowacki tried to assert its literariness without understanding anything; he was the first to mislead us
Burger's essays address this issue directly and eruditely point out the times the works draw upon and enhance these connections as well as the points (thematic and theoretical) at whichthey diverge.
These things need to be thought out more eruditely before being rushed into, with the goal only to bring home the bacon.
Educating teachers to learn how to listen to their pupils and engage them in active learning situations as patiently and eruditely as they possibly can provide.
Puzanov begins by setting his work eruditely in its Russian-language historiographical context.
Eruditely Esquires (superb name for the puzzle page
The Lawyer who practices meticulously, honestly and eruditely aims to have a judiciary that is not compromised, manipulated or subdued; on the contrary, that responds only to the highest interests of morality, justice and law.
Now you can see there are some occasions when it is better, to be simply and eruditely to the point.
John O'Malley summarizes the debates at Vatican II incisively and compares them eruditely with those of previous church councils from 325 to 1870.
Allington (in Samuels & Farstrup, 2006) eruditely observes that older struggling readers have learned to read dysfluently as an adaptive response to their instructional setting.
There are many scribes who can write more eruditely than me about his staggering ability to boot home average horses to win races they probably shouldn't win, as well as about his artistry when winning on a top-class performer.