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(computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer

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The error message suggests "tap Leave Testing Program if you no longer wish to receive the WhatsApp testing notification.
Although most error messages may not mean much to you, they can tell the service desk exactly what the problem is and how to fix it.
The first hit results in a "File Not Found" error message, but a click on the link "Cached" in the search result brings up a view of the web site when it was indexed by Google.
Before SiteFinder, incorrect web addresses ended up in error messages -your browser would display a message telling you that the address you'dentered could not be found.
VeriSign currently isn't talking about the details of what it is testing, but there would likely be some kind of filter in place so that only web site domain lookups (and not other types of query, such as email) would return something other than an error message.
If a user clicks a button on the fake error message the worm opens the PC's CD-ROM tray and then opens several Windows configuration windows.
404: Derived from the "file not found" Web page error message, a 404 is a derogatory term for someone's brainpower, as in "My new boss is so 404.
Many Web sites have their own customized version of this dead-link error message, which means that at least we get to see different "404 File not Found" pages.
OK--it's a URL you want to visit, and you might even get a special deal by following the exact link given, but you get an error message.
Shortly after the officers press the enter key, an error message appears on their screens: "INVALID DATE RANGE.
Often, a network problem begins with an arcane error message issued by the network operating system.
In response, an error message is issued by the system:
Query a personal computer in plain English and the machine more often than not replies with a curt error message.
DICE, the studio that developed Battlefield 4 has asked the players of the game to help it fix the issue of crashes that produces the CE-34878-0 error message.