erroneous belief

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a misconception resulting from incorrect information


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To establish passing off you would have to demonstrate a misrepresentation by another party to the public, whether or not intentional, which leads or is likely to lead the public to believe that the goods or services offered by them are the goods or services of the first party and there is damage to the first party, by reason of the erroneous belief engendered by the second party's misrepresentation that the source of their goods or services is the same as the source of those offered by the first party," he said.
Therefore, auditors should not be lulled into the erroneous belief that they need not be concerned with management's mandated SOX section 404(a) report when they are not required to audit and report on an issuer's ICFR pursuant to SOX section 404(b).
We need to help unlearn the erroneous belief that HIV/AIDS can spread through a mere hand shake, hug, sneeze, touch or sharing food or clothes, toilet etc.
The report puts a lie to the erroneous belief that extending pub hours would lead to a rise in demand for booze and encourage excessive drinking.
The dynamics of interaction between these disparate forms of power tend to be understudied and misunderstood, resulting in the loss of the importance of the opponent's use of strategy, rather than statecraft, and the subsequently erroneous belief that statecraft may overturn strategy in a direct confrontation.
Public hospitals were trying to do more with less, in an environment based on the erroneous belief current health funding levels could not continue, let alone increase.
The current situation is parallel to the Joseon invasion by Hideyoshi when considering that the allegations by the extreme right wing of Japan have become the erroneous belief of the Japanese government, which involves harassing Korea and China.
This erroneous belief is largely cultivated by the "old plumbing analogy" still used in advertisements and educational materials.
However, some guests in the talk shows expressed disdain to the arrogance and smirks of some anchorpersons having erroneous belief that all the pillars of the state i.
There is an erroneous belief that teachers have "a cushy number" and work short hours.
Contrary to this erroneous belief, the drylands have proven that they can sustain agriculture including tree-based livelihoods and animal production.
There is a widespread and erroneous belief, even among some health professionals, that dead bodies are a source of disease and therefore a threat to public health.
Among many in Bahrain there is the erroneous belief that doctors and hospitals abroad are better, when in fact foreign medical professionals will often tell you that some of the world's best practice is practised right here - in state-of-the-art theatres, often by fly-in, fly-out surgeons and key theatre staff.
One major reason for the bad situation is the Brotherhood's exclusion of others and its erroneous belief that it can efficiently manage the country's affairs single-handedly.
A further erroneous belief is that normal workplace application of pesticides is responsible for the poisoning of a large number of farm workers and farmers, other workers and urban residents who live close to farms.