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(Christianity) holding views that disagree with accepted doctrine

fallibility as indicated by erring or a tendency to err

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There is a subtle but insistent pairing of relationships in the novel, in which female characters administer or arrange the actions of men (however subtly and whatever their intentions), while the white male lead characters, often simply and unthinkingly, are motivated to errands that end in errancy and violence, often as a direct result of their own poor judgment.
Errancy is described by Heidegger as a phenomenon linked to "untruth" in that it takes as its standards "beings" and thus represents the "insistent turning toward what is readily available and the ek-sistent turning away from the mystery," or unconcealedness.
Nor can a Thomist accept the essential elements of Heidegger's controversial philosophy, especially his thesis on the negativity of truth, which asserts that errancy (Irre) or untruth is intrinsic to the essence of truth.
Overcoming the latter is the provenance of the noble soul; it is essential for the nobler ones to accept self-deception yet within their soul-perspective there lays a seeing and hearing which is superior to temporal errancy.
23) A contemporary advertisement for James's fiction implies public admiration for his considerable learning but registers as well the potential errancy of his interests: "Those who know the extensive and miscellaneous character of Dr.
3) Colleen Lamos, Deviant Modernism: Sexual and Textual Errancy in T.
Both Tejeda's protagonist and Gongora's pilgrim are portrayed as navigators of a complicated and largely uncontrolled journey, but the scenario created in the "Romance," explicitly situated in a "ciudad sin Dios," has clear religious and spiritual meaning: as the river surveyed by Gongora's pilgrim flows into the sea and, personified, loses its "pride," then disappears and loses its true identity ("su orgullo pierde y su memoria esconde" [211]), the symbolic journey in the "Romance" takes Tejeda through a period of errancy in which his own pride and identity suffer under the weight of sin.
Looking at wandering and errancy in Nietzsche also opens up new approaches to interpretation.
Here, in one of several road metaphors employed throughout On Christian Doctrine, Augustine suggests that while there is a path to meaning and truth, traveling a different path to these same ends does not imply errancy, but rather utility.
What stuck with Faulkner from Chandler, then, was not so much that a twentieth-century relationship "wasn't a game for knights," (12) but that straying from the expected course of chivalry results in the errancy of a knight-errant.
moves from the dominant system, enacting in its 'inadequacy' a measure of liberation": an "inadequacy" that, in resembling the unpredictable errancy of life, "is able .
It has been a couple of years since I called out those advisors who insisted on "stubbornly standing by their man (tra)" of buy and hold investing, the efficient frontier and MPT in the face of compellingly irrefutable evidence of their errancy.
at the destination of meaning, as opposed to the errancy, the drifting
Enforced errancy and mild disconcertment are the best guide.