erotic love

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a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction

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Good news: That New Age Interpretive Dancing Cancer-Diagnosis Erotic Love Quadrangle film you've been waiting for is here at last.
Three newly released books - a novel and two works of non-fiction - explore the shadings of these views, from the rigid lines of Orthodox Judaism found in closed communities to the more esoteric, touchy-feeling realm of mystical Christianity explored via an erotic love story.
From the Greeks and their art of learning to live through love, to the loss of this culture through Hellenism and subsequent Roman world dominance, to the Middle Ages and the female side's gains in value due to the cult of courtly love, to Dante and the Renaissance with Pietro Aretino's emphasis on erotic love, we are taken into the Baroque and Rococo centuries, where love becomes more of a calculated male-female power play.
While the sanguine temperament was regarded as the next best thing to an unattainably perfect humoral balance, it had its dangers, the most serious of which were a tendency to overindulge in food and drink, and an extreme susceptibility to erotic love.
It was the first time in his life that he was totally in love, that kind of hypnotic, physical, deeply erotic love.
And 1959 saw a distinctly new turn in his parallel production of combine sculptures: Canyon, Pail for Ganymede, and Gift for Apollo all sort through Greek mythology with evident purpose, shifting Rauschenberg's usual discarded and junk materials into complex reflections on paternal and erotic love between men.
One can only welcome the ways in which he deals with Ignatius and Erasmus, and applaud the balanced and persuasive way in which he untangles the threads of controversial issues, such as the use of the language of erotic love to image the divine.
As the author wends his way through the characteristics of Christian love (Kjerlighed), contrasting it sharply with erotic love (Elskov), we are treated to stunning dialectic of revelation and worldliness, principled duty and emotional inclination, Biblical clarity and the pleasing ambiguity of the poets.
The authors focus primarily on the manifestations of love in the three contrasting narrative frameworks contained in Nabokov's novel: moral love in the forward, erotic love in the novel proper, and aesthetic love in the afterward.
We should remember that Lorenzo himself had turned his back on the youthful idea of erotic love praised in his early poetry.
With older children who have reached more sexual maturity, the concept of erotic love enters the discussion.
In "To the Mountaintop" the paradox of erotic love is represented in a grand image: "That smell of life in the navel pit?
Erotic love scenes with Maria Schneider and pack of butter caused worldwide controversy.
The author explicitly neglects the Platonic tradition, mainly because of its confusion of erotic love and friendship.