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The patient had a past medical history of restrictive lung disease, probable sarcoidosis (lymphadenopathy and non-caseating granulomas on biopsy from a pericardial aspirate), and chronic right hip erosive arthritis for 3 years.
Rheumatoid factor positive poly-JIA accounts for less than 10% of JIA and is essentially childhood onset of (adult) rheumatoid arthritis, with characteristic erosive arthritis, classic deformities, and variable presence of rheumatoid nodules.
Recent studies have suggested that the TSP-1/ transforming growth factor/connective tissue growth factor pathway plays an important role in angiogenesis and erosive arthritis lesions (13, 14).
In phase II, an "expert panel" of 12 rheumatologists related the above clinical and laboratory factors to the "probability of developing "persistent inflammatory and/or erosive arthritis that is currently considered to be RA.