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It was concluded that number of years spent at work had a strong association with dental erosion.
Scientists also compared shoreline losses from storm-induced erosion with losses linked to shoreline oiling.
Land degradation due to erosion in watershed's upstream, will creating negative impact in the upstream (on-site) and downstream (off-site).
The department has estimated Rs 17 million for the 16 infrastructures, including checking side erosion D/S fall RD 19500 of Shujabad branch with estimated cost of Rs 1.
Environmental challenges caused by the accelerated soil erosion due to roads have economic ramifications related to soil rehabilitation and water treatment.
The Coastal Erosion Management Plan is being prepared as part of the COBSEA project Strengthening the Resilience of Coastal Communities Ecosystems and Economies to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Erosion".
The traditional defense by the minerals industry against erosion of slurry flow equipment has been to use specialized wear-resistant materials, such as white iron with various hypereutectic alloys and carbides.
Sensodyne ProNamel is on a mission to raise awareness about a dental care problem that many people overlook: acid erosion.
The report identifies Indus Delta, Damb, Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani as major areas hurt by coastal erosion, mainly due to damming of water upstream and unplanned fish harbors.
Evaluate multi-temporal erosion processes in hillside through use SIG and sensing remotes The micro-watershed torrential 'The Machiri', Tachira state-Venezuela
Abstract: Soil erosion due to water is becoming a serious problem in rain fed areas of Pothwar region,Pakistan.
COLORADO (CyHAN)- Erosion is what happens when some sort of force wears down an object.
Curlex[R] erosion control blankets are described by American Excelsior as having passed the test of time by providing solutions since the 1960s.
Soil erosion is an environmental problem that exacerbates on-site land degradation, while at the same time being a source of sediment and pollutants that adversely affect off-site aquatic ecosystems (Lal 2001).